Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crimes Against The Gays

Bullying during the teen years...
14 years old Jamey Rodemeyer took his own life this week after he become a target of bullying.

He regularly posted about being bullied at school and how people would launch gay insults at him.

But what was worse for Jamey, was that when he wrote of his pain and frustrations and cried for help in his blog postings, students at his school started to bully him online.

About 12 months ago on his Formspring account - which permits anonymous posts - other students started making gay references towards him.

Another read: 'I wouldn't care if you died. No one would. So just do it :) It would make everyone WAY more happier!'

The 14-year-old was a big fan of Lady Gaga and sent her a message on Twitter saying 'Bye mother monster, thank you for all you have done, paws up forever,' before he killed himself.

It's very obvious that this world practised a double standard way of rules. Kids with different sexual orientation are being bullied and taunted at school where the teachers are doing nothing about it. I don't think that they are ignorant about it, maybe they did encouraged it in the first place by turning a blind eye to the matter.

What about boys and girls that had unprotected sex and gave births when they are underage? I never really heard about them being bullied and taunted for that. Did their parents ever disown them for that? What will they do to earn a living? Applying for some benefits from the government? Making the taxpayers pay for their mistake? What about the baby? Who's going to provide for and to raise him/her up? The baby could grow up without a proper education and become some criminal and cause havoc to others.

I never heard of homosexuals got pregnant and claiming government benefits for their mistakes. But their schoolmates, teachers, neighbors, so called friends and even family disowned them for coming out of the closet. These people are struggling with their own sexuality and took a lot of courage to become who they really are. They didn't mean to cause any disorders to those around them unlike those underage pregnant dumb kids. And yet everyone is trying to give them a hard time.

It's not the first time that some gay teens committed suicide because of those bloody bullies at school. The society must be responsible about these incidents. Parents should teach their children how to respect others. Teachers should be more observant of their students. The authorities should make bullying a crime and toss those bullies into juvenile schools.

Discrimination in later life...
A lesbian actress who starred in "The L-Word" said she kissed a girl — and got escorted off of a Southwest Airlines flight on Monday for doing it.

Leisha Hailey took to Twitter to call for a boycott of the carrier after a flight attendant told them other passengers had complained after witnessing the affection.

Her first tweet said: "I have been discriminated against." She later added, "Since when is showing affection to someone you love illegal?"

Southwest Airlines Co. responded on its website that Hailey was approached "based solely on behavior and not gender." The airline's four-sentence response said passengers were characterizing the behavior as excessive.
Men and women can kiss others in public. They can marry the one they love. They can start a family and live happily ever after.

Not for the gay couples though.They can't come out with their sexual orientation. They will lose the chance to advance in their jobs. People will taunt them for being gays. They can't kiss or hold hands with their love ones. The airline will kick them out of their flight. Their marriages are not recognized in some parts of the world or in their religion's eyes. They'll be discriminated in whatever they do and whenever they go.

When these very same straight people with the holier-than-thou attitudes starting to open their damn mouths,they should look at themselves first. Men having affairs outside their marriage, infected with diseases and passed them to their wives at home. Some hippies revolution in the 60's that abused drugs, anti work attitude and so on. Straight criminals that commit heinous crimes. Straight people that schemed and manipulated others to get on top of the ladder. Straight people who wages war on others. Straight people that bullies the gays for being themselves. Is being gay any worse than this? I don't think so.

These are the S.O.B that enjoy the pleasure of inflicting pain in others. Making life difficult for others. Discriminating others while they themselves had done lots of unspeakable sins. It will make their day when they see others feeling miserable.

If this is not what we called double standard,then what are the more appropriate word that can describe this situation?

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