Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Impromtu Trip

Forever running around with errands and my mind working non stop even when I go to bed at night. I get headache whenever I had too much on my mind. Problems will be forever challenging me and they will never ends. I always told myself that what doesn't kills me makes me stronger to keep on going. I need to separate myself from this reality before I go mad.

It was an impromtu decision. I had no idea what I want to do and where I want to go.

It was a bit rushed too as it was nearing the holiday season and I had some unfinished business in both countries.

Dad helped to checked the car before we leave for Singapore. Terengganu was the furthest I drove myself to. One hour into the trip and my eyes were starting to drop because I had to follow the speed limit, one word BORING! Stopped at rest area to refreshed myself and gulped some energy drink before I continued.

We got to the wrong road twice even with the GPS ! Dumb driver ...and finally we were crossing the Tuas Link! Sleepiness was gone.

A very long wait at the counter as there were some problem with the car in front of us. Somemore I have to get my Autopass card as it was the first time I drove there. The officer was very helpful, too helpful in my case. She insisted that I sit down and she slowly explain things to me. Word by word. Maybe I'm not only dumb but I looked the part too.

Driving there was very stressed because if I get the SAMAN for speeding, it will be very expensive. The traffic light order was also a bit different from ours.

My essentials. A bit worried in case the immigration officer thinks I'm smuggling these stuff into Singapore.

The morning view from my room. This place is surrounded by water. Love it so much.

Life is good but not in my reality and this is not my life. It is just a dream..

One thing I learned after this trip. Apparently Malaysian drivers are damn kiasu not the Singaporeans. They wanna hog the fast lane going at 80 to 100 kmph and refused to give way to my small car. They only give way to those driving bigger cars. Shame on you!

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