Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Your Tattoo Says About You

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie's upper arm tattoo is on her left side, which represents the "female" side. It lists the geographical coordinates of the locations she adopted her children from. "It's something very important to her, like an accomplishment she wants to show off," Clement says. This is also a great location for tribal or zodiac tattoos, because it's an "instinctual" and "prominent" place to put it, Clement says.

Lea Michele
Feet tattoos definitely tend to be the least committal, Clement says, because "you can just cover them up with a shoe." Lea Michele's blue butterfly is "flaunty" but not really that dangerous -- it's "in your face" while not quite there at the same time, Clement says. Since the foot is a very painful area to get a tattoo, "the desire is definitely there" if you decide to do it, Clement says. Just like with wrist tattoos, it's best to stick to a smaller sized design, or else it will overwhelm your foot.

Pamela Anderson
"Tattoos have trends like clothing does," Clement says. "Tribal and armband tattoos came into being in the '80s." The barbwire around Pamela Anderson's bicep is "trendy" yet "dated" at the same time. It's daring in a conservative way by today's standards, Clement says. Again, the left side is the feminine side, so getting something in this area can be seen as "a sign of natural empowerment," Clement adds. If you choose to get a tattoo that wraps around your upper arm, go for something hip and edgy.

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie has angel wings tattooed on her shoulder blades. She has a few tattoos on her neck as well, and they are all on the smaller side. It shows that she is "bold enough to do it, but afraid of commitment," Clement says. If you're planning to get angel wings in memorandum of someone who has passed away, think twice about marking your body permanently with a grief-motivated tattoo, Clement says. "It's not a good idea, because you may never let go of the grief."

Eva Longoria
Wrist tattoos are "classy and conservative," Clement says. Eva Longoria's tattoo is of her wedding date in Roman numerals, which is a sign of fidelity. Wrist tattoos are typically on the small side and tend to be discreet. "It shows you are open and brave enough to get a tattoo, but you can also turn your wrist on the inside and hide it," Clement says.

Hayden Panettiere and Nikki Reed
Both Hayden Panettiere and Nikki Reed chose to have their tattoos in written word over their ribs. "Rather than pictorially expressing themselves, they're getting right to the point," Clement says. If you're "romantically affiliated," get it in a different language, like French, Italian or Latin. For the "no nonsense" people out there, this is a great way to tattoo yourself. The rib area is safe enough that it can be covered, but it can still be showed by wearing certain clothing, Clement says.

Eve's paw prints show off an "aggressive" and "bold" personality. Since they're on her chest, they're very "in your face" and make an ego statement, Clement says. "Women have a powerful physical presence in that area," he adds. It's a sexually charged way to show off your curves, so think about the results you'll get before deciding on that location.

Drew Barrymore
"Calves are another ego area," Clement says. And since it's on the right side of Drew Barrymore's body (which is the "masculine" side), Clement sees it as a power statement. The cross, being a religious statement, indicates that she wants to have more control over her emotions and life path. For those people who want to be perceived as "powerful," getting a tattoo on your lower leg is a good choice -- whether it's a statement of belief in yourself, in your spirituality, or in another area of your life.

Heidi Klum
"Forearms are egotistical," Clement says, so getting a tattoo there is definitely making a statement. Clement says that having a tattoo in that location means it is very important to the person, since there's no getting away from it. How appropriate, since Heidi Klum's tattoo reads "Seal," which is her husband's name. And while a forearm tattoo is pretty noticeable, it's a "less aggressive form of statement" than getting one on your outer arm, Clement says. It's a popular place to get a tattoo, because almost anything will look good (symbols, script, images).

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham's neck tattoo is a love poem written in Hebrew. It's centered directly over her spine, which shows a "meticulous personality trait that indicates she has to be in control," Clement says. This is obviously a big deal for women with short hair, so unless you want to wear a turtleneck in the middle of the summer, make sure you're ready before getting a tattoo on your neck.

Rihanna is youthful and hip, and her tattooed neck says just that. "The stars on the back of her neck are so eclectic, it's almost like she's following her own thought process," Clement says. They even have an animal-like vibe to them, "almost like leopard print," he adds. Tiny, funky stars are a totally a hot trend from the 2000's. If you want to express your bright nature, this is a good choice for you. And you can choose between having a single star or a scattering of them.

Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie
Both Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie have written word tattooed on their back shoulder. Jolie's looks like "a protection prayer, to watch her back," Clement says. Fox's is a line from Shakespeare, which is more romantic and delicate. The back shoulder is a very sexy place to get a tattoo, and it is easily shown when wearing certain shirts. Before getting one there, be sure that you're okay with everyone else seeing it too.

Reese Witherspoon
We don't know when "good girl" Reese Witherspoon got this tattoo, but it definitely shows off a "bad girl" side to her that we haven't seen before. It looks like a flock of birds or a string of thorns across her lower stomach. What do you think?

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