Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The View At BOH Tea Centre

The road to the tea centre is a winding one. One must have very good driving skill to negotiate through the road. Just like coming up from Tapah to Cameron Highlands!

Rain and drizzle alternating non stop from morning but this won't dampens our mood and the beautiful scenery. Here's where the plantation employees stays.

Life philosophy: If you wanna get to the top, you gotta work your ass off to be there.
My legs still ached from all those trekking and I had to use the umbrella as the make shift walking stick for support to go up these stairs and there's more to come.
You'll know it's worth all the hard work when you see these beautiful view from the top.

Blast from the past: BOH mascot with some models This is the tea maker's office which weigh the tea on weight bridge, production recording, tasting tea 'liquor' during the manufacturing process and to check humidity factors.
These machines are breaking and twisting the withered leaves to distort and rupture the leaves internal cells. Liberating and exposing its juices for fermentation.

Then the leaves are spread onto trays for the fermentation process that follows.

Then the leaves are being dried and sorted according to particle size by passing them through a series vibrating sieves with each grade of tea has its own density and flavour characteristics.

Enjoying the view from the overhanging platform. It's nice to be on the top.

The scone that almost got away. It's very windy and cool here. Our hot teas soon become cold teas.

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