Friday, September 23, 2011

The Life Of The World's Cutest Dog

Boo has almost 2 million fans on Facebook and a book deal which is sure a bestseller. This is one damn famous pomeranian . He will be one rich and famous canine without even having to try too hard. All he has to do is to pose and look cute for the camera.
Sleeping cutie. PeekaBOO!

One fashionable canine. He has a huge wardrobe of different cute outfit and accessories.

Aww....he's so cute. I wanna hug him..

Little Boo promoting the Operation Smile with his cute smile.

Smart little Boo.
Who says tangled fur is bad? Boo's adorable look was a happy accident where his fur was so tangled that there's nothing can be done except to shave them off. This give him a very unique look as he looks more like a little bear than a pomeranian.

Boo is fan of the baseball club, The Cubs.
Cute boy..

Going to get my hands on his book after this.

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