Thursday, September 8, 2011

Out Of The Ordinary

I always wanted to go around in a bicycle when I was a kid but my parents couldn't afford one. Had to borrow from friends back then. As I grow older, I gave up cycling all together. Acid splashing, robberies, kidnapping and so on. I wouldn't even dared to venture out of my house on a bicycle after seeing all those in the news. Couldn't find any suitable and safe place to cycle around here. It was quite frustrating to lose your freedom that way.

Upon arrival at Singapore, we planned to do something that we wouldn't able to do back home due to some very obvious reasons. We went for cycling at Big Splash in East Coast. This place is just next to the beach, I really love beaches. We rented bicycles from a shop manned by some Ah Bengs and off we go..

Nice scenery..

Haven't been cycling for so many years. My legs couldn't take it and gave way as I was trying to get off the bicycle. Fell on my backside and the bicycle fell right on my legs. It wasn't really painful but the whole incident was very funny. Couldn't stop laughing..

The day before...

Meet Miss Tinkerbell from Sentosa Island. She's a mixed breed, Chihuahua and Shih Tzu. 3 years old and she's so tiny. Her diet consists of carrots , lobster and kibbles. What a dog life. I wanna be a dog too.

From her expression, you can tell she's a arrogant, spoilt and rich little bitch. Do not mess with her.

Fooling around in Miss Tinkerbell's home. It has a swimming pool facing the beach.

They called it prawning. Initially, we used chicken liver as bait but the prawns kept stealing it and got away. Then we used worms and the prawns were baited. The slimy worms looked very disgusting, it was still moving when we cut them into halves. Luckily my nephew was there to help me. Caught 7 prawns in the end.

We should have grilled the prawns here before we left.

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