Friday, October 21, 2011

Longchamp Kuala Lumpur Staff Crushed My Fragile Spirit

I'm not loaded and I'm just an ordinary person. Not a VIP at Longchamps and not even at Esprit. But do I own one of the cheapest tote bag from Longchamps. Bought it during an emergency (needed a black tote badly to go with my outfits). The staff was very helpful and friendly, the rest you could put it as history.

The bag served me well. From Kuala Lumpur to Malacca and also Singapore, I brought it everywhere as it's durable and it can fit all my stuff including a 1 liter tumbler. I like the bag so much that I planned to get another one in some neutral color like beige or khaki. Googled for the latest collection when I found one in khaki. Just nice, I'm sure it will goes well with more than half of the white outfits in my wardrobe. The Longchamps customer service referred me to their shop in Kuala Lumpur to purchase it(I thought I could buy it online).

I went to MidValley this morning to get some accessories for my computer and I thought why not go the Longchamps to buy the bag as well. I was carrying a bags of my shopping haul and walked into the store. Didn't hear any greetings like last time. I had to approach her to ask about the bag. "Khaki?!" she looked at me with those bewildered expression as if I asked if they sell any broccoli. She doesn't seem to know what is it and I proceeded to show her the picture on my phone.

I was informed that they don't carry it here. When I asked about new colors arrival for something similar with my one all I got was a curt reply "Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter". How the hell I supposed to know when it is? At least she could give me a proper answer like first week of January or maybe I could leave my contact with them so that they can call me when there's new stock or colors arrived. I got NOTHING.

The moment I stepped into the store, I felt like I've trespassed some private property. It's like I'm not being welcome there. The lady looked reluctant to attend to me. Maybe I'm no VIP or Datin or whatever. I think my presence offended her in some way. I thank her afterwards and I've made a mental note to myself to get it in overseas after this.

After a while, I decided to go back to the store to check if they could order it for me. This time the lady gave me a scan from top to my feet and back to top as she spoke. It's the kind of CAN-YOU-AFFORD-IT look. I feel very degraded already. "It's 2k plus you know?" What?! What did I did to deserve that kind of attitude from that woman? It's not I'm wearing some torn clothes or something. It's A/X shirt with Louis Vuitton belt you know? The price of them can buy a few all those bags already! Some more I never ask for discount or anything.

All I want is to buy a new bag and this woman is really mean by giving me those looks and to scan me from top to toe. She can really crumble anyone's spirit with that attitude of her. Thank you Miss Aries for crushing my self esteem in just a few minutes. Thank you so much for the lesson. Served me right for asking for such a cheap bag. From now on I will never step into any high end store, I'll just stand and point and pay from outside. PHOBIA!

Anyone feeling boring and have a very fragile spirit like me should go to Longchamps Kuala Lumpur to experience this once in a lifetime thing.


  1. This show how sales people judge their customers and too bad for her for losing her commission.

  2. Too bad for them. Givng bad name to the industry. Prada and LV bags are more expensive than Longchamps's but their staffs never treat their customers like that.


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