Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Famous Mille Crepe@Nadeje with It's Famous Rude Staff

Someone told me about the layered cake in Malacca, so I thought nothing fancy.Until we reached the Nadeje Patisserie, well it's Mille Crepe!Looks nice on the outside.

What is Mille Crepe actually? It's a French cake made of many crêpe layers. "Mille" ("mil") means "a thousand", implying the many layers of crêpe.

Usually it's made by layering around 20 layers of crepe with a combination of fresh cream and vanilla custard in between each layer.Then the topmost layer will be caramelized to give it a smoky sugary flavour.

Back to Nadeje:
The villain in disguise approached us as we were looking at the cakes.There were 4 of us of course we need to calculate how many pieces altogether that we want.This villain named Michael immeadiately showed his true color. From a forced smile to a blurdie 'muka masam', like we owed him money. Then he ignored us and chat to his colleague ,taking his own sweet time to even acknowledge us. His blurdie attitude was already making my blood boiling.

He got our orders wrong and when I tried to correct him. He yelled at me "You go pay!We know what to do!" .He knows how to be rude and yell at his clients la, that I confirmed he know.If not for the recommendations from others, I will leave right there and then.The cashier also got things wrong. Not even an apology from them. What kind of f*ucked up people are they? They were forced to work there or what? If damn unhappy, just leave the place. Go sleep by the roadside and beg for food,no need to work.Don't vent your frustration on the clients.

Their Mille Crepe was really nice but when I think of the incident, I rather not eat again. Luckily I found this website HumbleBeginning.I heard it is run by some guy that left before the downfall of Nadeje Patisserie.

Read about it here:

Almost a week has past but I still feel dissatisfied. So what I did was posted my comment on their Facebook page. No response then I sent them an email. Take a look...

June Hew the thousand layer cake is delicious but your staff's attitude is nightmare.we came all the way from kl on the 1st august to have your was a total nightmare.rude,impatient,g​ot our order wrong somemore talked to us rudely
Friday at 6:17pm · LikeUnlike.

Nadeje Cake Shop hi , im from nadeje management .thanks for ur information ,our management will take action serioursly !sorry for that!can i have ur contact number and ur detail?so that we can do something for u and ur staff.i hope u can reply us soon thank u! and our management make apologize to u!
16 hours ago · LikeUnlike.

June Hew i hope you guys will really improved on your service as we really hope to go back for the nice crepe again.u can email me at
12 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Nadeje Cake Shop Thanks for ur reply, I will email to u soon. Thanks for ur feedback ! We try to improve more. thank u!
5 hours ago

Fromjeffryng1987@yahoo.comTojunehew@mymelody.comDateAug 7, 2011 9:29 AM

Hi Junehew, this is from Nadeje sdn Bhd. So sorry that make u so dissapointed at our outlet. Apologize for that. If need time still happen u can call to me straight . 016212xxxx
When will u come to our shop again pls let me know, so that I can buy u a cake for our sincerity. Thank u.

Jeffry Ng

How they want to mend this? I was already being yelled at.Use the cake to shut my mouth? Bribe me with free food? Complimentary...whatever..I don't want!I don't want to eat spit!RM9 is a bit expensive but I still can afford it. I don't need anyone to buy for me. These free stuff mean nothing for me. Last time Starbuckss offered me free drinks coz his staff offended me,I never accept. Same goes with Nadeje Patisserie.


  1. hmm,very rude.what's wrong with this people?but the layer cake looks really it halal?

  2. It's Halal I guess.If you would like to try it maybe you can go to :
    You can email them to enquire. I heard this site is run by Amos that was with Nadeje years ago.

  3. They thought they can shut your mouth with a piece of cake.This is ridiculous

  4. Have heard similar issues there too about staff and degrading quality.

    There are many Mille Crepe producers here in KL but agree with you that Humble Beginnings is the best and at a good price too!

  5. Hi Andrew,they were trying to degrade the clients can leave this place feeling humiliated and it's free of charge.


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