Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just came back from Irda's wedding.It's my first time attending a malay's wedding.An eye opener actually.There's no people waiting at the entrance to collect 'entrance fees' and recorded every single cent that you paid.I was being welcomed by the bride's parents.They made me feel very welcomed.I remember there was once that I stood at the reception for ages looking for my name in the guest list.I felt like a total idiot.That's totally disrespectful to me.Now back to the present.They are also very generous with the door gifts unlike the cheapskate candle that I got from another 'kiasu' couple,the bride to be exact.Until now,I don't know what to do with that candle.Maybe I could light it up during their funeral in future.It's not the value of the gift that I cared,it's the sincerity that matters.Everyone knows that the candle it's cheap but the bride was treating like a fool by the way that she handled things.A very fucked up wedding indeed....

What does a wedding actually means?It's a celebration of union between two individuals that love each other.Just like what I witnessed today.

It's not a meant of gaining profit like some fucked up kiasu people does.

Anyway,I wish Irda a wonderful beginning,and love to last a lifetime!

Friday, January 29, 2010


The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I've walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it, and above.


There are no word to dispel your feelings at this time,and there's no time that will ever dispel them.Nor it is any easier the second time than it was the first.And yet I can't share your grief,because no-one could share mine...

Sheep or wolf?

To remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate - or take control of your own destiny , releasing the caged wolf you have inside.To be the sheep or the wolf?

You moron!

You don't know anything ,yet all you do is brag,you clown. Where do you learn all that nonsense?You are trying to look cool. Do you know that I've seen all through your lies?As long as you don't realize it,you'll be just an idiot in my eyes.Stop showing off,you jerk. You think I never seen all those things before? What make you think that I'm as dumb as you are?You wanted to acted smart but you can't.And you'll never be....Coz I'm way ahead of you...


Tried to be someone else
But it doesn't seems to change anything
I'm quitting
Now, this is who I really am inside

Finally found myself
I've been fighting for it for so long

What is love?

What is love?
It tend to attract me to it
Attracted to the world of deception and heartbreak

I knew it won't work for me
But yet I was drawn to it
Like moth to fire

I know it'll hurt me
But I don't care
Until it was too late

It stabbed into my heart
Tore my world apart
Burnt my soul

It can nourish me
But it also can destroy me

But do I really need it?
I don't know
I don't even want to know

Sometimes I wish I'm immune
Immune from this love thing
But I just couldn't resist it

Wished I never knew what is love
Wished it never touched my heart
Wished I never succumb to it

A new love prospect?

You may find yourself a little lucky in the romance department, Gemini, but you may also need to be careful about this luck, particularly if you are attached. This is a period where a chance encounter, possibly leading to an intense emotional or sexual attraction, when you are least expecting it could happen. Try to keep your head and your heart together as this could be overwhelming experience for you, this is the love at first site thundering of your heart moment. This will be an enjoyable period if you are single and have been looking for a new beginning, but if you are attached, this could lead to some serious problems for you. Be careful with interactions today, and if you are in no position to jump at new opportunities, then you definitely should not.

That's the horoscope reading for today.Damn it!It's a disaster!Thanks but no thanks.Please don't come knocking on my door.It's the last I ever needed now.But I'll be extra careful with interactions today.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hypocrite.That's what I think of them...

They are all around us.It's a wonder how they really pull it off.Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide syndrome.Wish I have the audicity to expose them right there and then.

This hypocrite has been trying to potray herself as some pure virginal kind of girl inspite of what she did and how she treated my friend.I mean you don't have to say it out loud how good you are even if you're really good unless you are trying to sell yourself.I wish someone could just slap some sense into her head....What a bimbo...

Homosexual is NOT a CRIME!

Many of those we respect and love who are gay, have now been essentially told that they are in "second-rate" society and should not be allowed the same inalienable rights as those of us who are straight.

I hope that people will understand that being homosexual is not a disease: people who are homosexual are not looking for a cure but for ACCEPTANCE...

I really loathed straight people who looked down at the gays.There was this bitch who put the gays as one kind like she's the holiest one and said all sorts of terrible things about them but yet she let a gay stylist do her hair just because it's cheaper.Isn't her a very confused bitch?

Ignorant people can say all sorts of crazy stuff.The worst thing that they can do is to do nothing but to treat our friends like outcasts!It can be seen on the big screen where homosexuals were tortured and killed.HOMOSEXUALITY is NOT a CRIME!!

Some people couldn't accept homosexuality is just because of their selfish nature.For example:A girl is upset because she's going to lose her boyfriend because she had just found out that he's gay.But come to think of it,she's sad because it's her who's being affected.What if it happened to someone else?Would she feels the same too?Do you think that being selfish had to do with it?

It's not what you want them to be.It's what they want to be.You can't accept it because it's not the way you planned it and you are dissapointed.

If you are have an issue about this subject,you should have voice it out long before anything happens to your loved ones,not condemning it after that.I think it's not an issue to you if it happens to others.It's like you are trying to say that homosexual is a very bad thing and it's alright if it's happened to others but not to your loved ones.Human is indeed a horribly selfish species.

Sometimes people like to look at things from only one point.They'll hurl all sorts of crazy statements without ever trying to understand the subject.It's easier for them to pick on the gays,I guess.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Shit just happens for no reason.Things will never go according the the plans.What to do?I'm only a mortal trying to survive.Just hoping that I'll be able to keep my sanity intact this time.


I can almost smell smoke coming out from my head.There's so much to do but yet so much that I'm not able to do by myself.I really hate this situation where things could go so wrong if it's to be done by others.If only I have the knowledge and the capability to do them all by myself.I'll get freaked whenever things are out of my control.STRESS....STRESS....STRESS....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Brand New Year

Time really flews.A year has passed in a blink.I'm getting old.The big 30's not far away.Must move my butt,work harder to transform my ideas into realities else,what's the point of having panda eyes.

*A reminder to myself.Keep my eyes open wide all the time.....

Night time

Night time seems to be very confusing.It's slumber time for some people,lonesome for others.Most of my Eureka moments happened during my sleepless nights.I wonder if it's really a blessing in disguise?Eureka=Panda Eyes?
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