Friday, May 24, 2013


Sometimes it takes another person or something else to make you comprehend the actual situation that you are being bounded by. Most of the time you are simply being overwhelmed with the things surrounding you that you are just too blind to see or in the correct state of mind to make decisions. Life is running past you so quick that you have to sprint to keep up with it, making time for yourself really scarce what's more to even hear yourself thinking.

Friday, May 10, 2013

130413 Getting A Little Tipsy This Morning

Visiting a vineyard is what I always want to do but not the wine tasting part. I'm a super particular person and I don't find much wine out there that I really fancy except for this one by Robert Mondavi. So I bought it and kept it as part of my collection for at least 4-5 years until my family opened it for some IDK what occasion. I was looking forward to taste it. I remembered the first time I tasted it, it was fruity and the scent of apple lingered in my mouth for awhile. As I tried to take a sip of it with an expectation greater than anything in the world, BLAH.....that was one and only sip I took of it and the rest goes into the drain. It was flat and flat and flat. Just FLAT!! And now I don't really expect anything from the rest of the collection. I've learnt that it's never a good thing to have larger than life expectation which will only leave you with larger than life disappointment. Robert Mondavi

                                              Fooling around with the panoramic feature

                                                      OMG! Loving the rose wine so much!
This morning we visited the Beringer Vineyard at the picturesque Napa Valley located at the Napa County at the north of San Pablo Bay. This place has maintain a rural agricultural environment on the large part of its land which gives a very beautiful view of endless vineyards along the way before we reach our destination. It wasn't the wine that excites but it is its vineyards. Maybe I had too much of the concrete jungles in everywhere I went, I find this change of scenery has a positive effect on me. Trying to imagine myself in a parallel universe where I work in a vineyard. How would my life turn out then?

I have some confession to make here. I hardly fall in love and I fall in love easily. I'm very loyal and POFF! I fall out of love just like that, it all just goes up in the smoke as if  I never  fall in love in the first place. Anyone understands what I'm trying to say? Never mind if you don't. Back to the original story, red and white wine...NAH...I just poured my portion to person next to me. Rose wine and dessert wine? Yes! There are mine, HANDS OFF! I found my new love, at Beringer this day. On cloud nine now because I'm a little tipsy already.

And the day ends with this beautiful sunset picture at Fisherman's Wharf with all these adorable sea lions.

120413 The Contrasting Side of Mankind, Beauty, Ugliness and Pure Stupidity

After going through my routine workout, there's another round of workout again. A walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Scorching up more calories, fantastic baby.

There I was, on the iconic bridge itself appreciating its height and size and the view below. What was on my mind that particular moment? That I wish I wore my gym wear there and jog across the bridge and also wishing for a bicycle to cycle across. What else life changing/ revelation that went through my mind? Can't recall much except that I wish I had more time to slowly enjoy the walk and the lovely weather.

                                         Come on! I'm raring to go now. Just press the button fast!

                                               The ships look like toys to me from up here

So, I walked on the Golden Gate Bridge!

Then there's this beautiful Palace of Fine Arts at the Marina District of San Fransisco that echoed those classical European setting and also home to many wildlife's like ducks and swans. A very beautiful monumental structure built around a small artificial lagoon. Man has always been the smart creature on this planet, isn't it great if they just put their creativity to good use instead of doing all those disgusting stuffs that hurts the mankind? I don't know how my mind managed to link these 2 unrelevant things together but the beauty in things just contrasted with the ugliness surrounding it.

                                                           The beautiful landscape

                                                         A swan guarding her eggs

Lunch and dinner afterwards was DUH....nothing fancy. Bubba Gump and chinese food. CHINESE FOOD OF ALL THE THING! I don't have problem with chinese food and I love it too but do I really come all the way here for some chinese food?! That's the problem with going along with travel agencies. They always feed you some fucked up food which they always claimed are 'must have' or highlights of the place. What to do? That pure stupidity ends the day.

Good night.

A Reminder To Self: Don't Be Too Quick To Judge

As usual, the first to do when I reach my destination was to find an Internet connection. It is as vital as breathing for me. Over the years, it had become a way that my loved ones keep in track of me due to my easily agitated personality. Just don't ask where I went and what I did, PLEASE! Not that I joined some Satanic convent or snuffing cocaine somewhere. If I want you to know, you'll see them in my blog or social media feeds.
I want this fireplace in my home someday....

This is where I woke up 5 or 6am in the morning executing my daily workout while my dear roommate was still in Slumberland. Push ups, jumping jacks....

Spent 2 nights here at Holiday Inn Civic Centre at Eighth Street, nice place. We made our way to the Union Square for some mid day snacks. I heard about Cheesecake Factory there. As I was trying to enjoy the scene of those beautiful buildings on those sloping streets, I had a little shock. Maybe it's due my exposure back home. We don't go to certain part of the city and avoiding certain crowds and I definitely don't feel like going out alone in this part of the city. Certain streets nearby were like some ghetto places, it was reeking with some urine smell, people sleeping at the walkway and some like soliciting business by the roadside. Back at home, if we were to venture out to places like this, we could end up in the crime victims statistics. It was just an uneventful stroll to Union Square. Being a bit paranoia , I was too fast to judge and it isn't fair to stereotyped others like this. My bad.

                                          The Cheesecake Factory in Macy's:
                                          Spoilt for choices here but nothing beats the plain of
                                          cheesecake, nothing else but cheesecake..........

Dinner afterwards was...well the strawberry on the cheesecake was nice and sweet. The rest? No comment but I can tell you that I just ate all these vegetables and the rest when into the bin.

110413 Getting Onboard

Believe it or not, this backpack( ignore the rest of the luggages around it, they are not coming with me) was the only luggage that I brought with me for the trip and it was only around 14lbs! I can't believe it and neither will you and everybody else. But that was what I actually did!

My backpack

KL Sentral was still very quiet at 4.30am

Let me recall what's inside the bag. One set gym attire, one set pyjamas, two sets of day attire and three pieces of undies. Had to do my own laundry at the hotel at every alternate days and once at my host Howard's home. All for the sake of travelling light from Malaysia to Korea then to west coast of United States and east coast of United States.

It was fine for the first half of the trip at west coast until I'm on my own at the east coast. Damn it, I was sick like hell and I had to drag that thing around the town especially at Boston ( and it was right after the marathon bombing incident!)Thank God that I packed light just like the backpackers.

And for some reason some people just doesn't seems to understand this. I told them that I had to backpack at certain point and they still can't comprehend it! They gave me some shit long shopping list expecting me to drag them across United States and back to Malaysia for them. Polo Ralph Lauren shirts, Coach bags wallets, GAP etc etc ...crazy shit,erm I mean shits. No, I didn't subject myself through such torture. There's always a solution to everything, freight services( as simple as ABC)Whatever they want to buy from the west coast, I bought them and posted them via USPS just before I venture to the east coast on my own. Those who's unwilling to pay for the postal, sorry to say this to you but too bad for you because those things at the factory outlet were so CHEAP even after adding in the postage charges! I know I sound awful taunting the person in question like this but I've tried to make my point clear many times and suggesting solutions to her and she still couldn't get it!

Back to the point of this blog post, the departure day had finally arrived and I was still trying to sort out things at home before I leave and arrangements in the United States down to the very last minute. It was like a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE to me. I was getting paranoid as the day get nearer imagine all sorts of possibilities that might sabotage my trip. That North Korean thing especially but everything that happened during the trip that almost sabotaged my trip were nothing that I had imagined. Virus/ bacteria infection and that bombing incident in Boston no thanks to that two SOB, these were already enough to give me major headache.

                                                                    Seoul, Incheon!

The entire flight was around 20 hours including a transit in Seoul, Incheon and with the Korean officer saying something about my hair. I was in a bob wig trying to cover my pink hair for the US visa photo and interview. I don't mind long hours flights at all. It was the only time that I wasn't rushing somewhere and a time for myself. Catching up on the movies that I've missed out and just sitting there waiting for my meal and then for the ice cream and then just sleep. The most important at all, USA! A place that I've always wanted to go since I was a kid. Love it, love it.

                                                    The highlight- ICE CREAM!
                                                   And finally, touching down at San Francisco

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