Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Lost Battle With Gluttony

I swear I'm going near any chocolates anymore, not until IDK when. I think I've eaten few years worth of chocolate in this few months alone. This is insane.

Playing Facebook games until past midnight, I reach for the chocolate. Get restless in bed, I reach for chocolate. Whenever I'm on diet, I eat them like no tomorrow. The cravings always crept up at the inappropriate time.

Chocolate do bring benefits to the health but for my case it has past beyond the that. Diabetes and obesity. I don't really want that so soon.I think chocolate is created by Beelzebub to lure the human into committing one of the seven sins, gluttony. Tick mine, I did that too many times that I've lost count. It was a lost battle..

Record of my sins:

Shiroi Koibito Chocolat Blanc et Langue de Chat from Hokkaido.
Couldn't resist this sinful white chocolate sandwiched between melt-in-your-mouth biscuits.
Treats from heaven..

Chocolate Truffles. Whoever created these must be a Devil in disguise.

Crazy Belgian Chocolates .
Now, lock those tempting chocolates away or put me in a handcuff. I'm not going to lose this battle again.

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