Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11-A Parallel Story

11th September 2001 is the day that everyone will never forget. World Trade Centre incident will be deeply etched in our hearts.

One woman will always remember the grieves of this day as it reminded her of her own life changing incident. It's a parallel story that happened at the same time of the World Trade Centre attack. There's no way she can erase her horrifying experience when topic of 911 comes up endlessly that will trigger her memory which happened at the same time.

Story of The World

Everyone is heading working as usual
The building is buzzing with life
Everyone here knows their parts and duties
Achievements can give them better life

Life is going as usual
Busy making plans with loves ones
A picnic with the kids for the weekend
Or thinking about what's for dinner later

One simple goodbye
One simple kiss
Without knowingly it will be the last
To separate them from life and death

Suddenly PA announces that the south tower was hit
Nobody understood what has been said
Never that they could imagine
Imagine that this actually happens

Everything goes havoc
Smoke is coming out of no where
Everyone is running around trying to escape
Not knowing what to do and the floor below is moving

There's no where to run or hide
The ceiling collapsed and trapped someone underneath
People are screaming for help
Smoke is suffocating them

Will they ever survive this?
Memories of loves one comes into the mind
Is there a chance to see them again?
Everything is begining to fade and black out

Just one cruel mastermind
Had reduced the former proud building
Into dust and debris
In an instant

It is a dark moment in history
For innocent people that lost their loves ones
Their grieves are indescribable
No one else can feel it

10 years on
They had griefed and survived
But they will never forget
This destructive day

Her Story

She is going to work as usual
Working even harder to earn and save more
He has proposed to her
And they are getting married soon

Thinking of how to break the good news
To her family members and friends about their big day
Daydreaming about her wedding day
Mentally rehearsing her future married life

It is supposed to be the happiest day of her life
For she found the guy she loved
But he is just putting on a charade
He isn't what he seems is

It is the biggest shock in her life
She sees, senses and hears about the other woman
She tries to confronted him
Histerically they shouted and fight

He punches her in the face
Pushes her to the broken glasses
Cutting deep into her feet
Her bloodied feet imprints the entire floor

Heartlessly punches and slaps her
The very same man who said he loves her
Is the man holding the butcher knife now
He told her he's going to chop her into pieces if she doesn't obeys him

She begs and screams for her life
She can't believe this is happening to her
He accused her of stealing her money forcingly takes her money and valuables
When the fact is he is spending the money on another woman

Emotional pain has become physical pain
She is still in denial for a long time
Losing weight as she has become bulimic
Losing the essence of her former self

Her life is now in a thin line between a human and zombie
She lost everything that she worked so hard for
The money, her career and her friends are gone because of him
It is a unbearable pain and shock for her

10 years on
She decided to start her life all over again
Living with the scars that he left behind
Forever reminded her of that day

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