Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost A Complete Dinner at Reunion

The menu

Braised peanuts and pickled lotus root.The peanuts are quite nice.Very tender but the lotus root is way too sour for my liking.

Appetiser-Drunken Chicken with Jelly Fish
Overpowering Chinese wine that I couldn't taste anything else.

Salted Vegetable Soup.Nice

Sze Chuan soup for me.Wrong decision.It was so sour!I think half of it consist of vinegar.Blek!

Fish maw soup,this was the best. Will be ordering it for many lunch meals to come.

Black Pepper Beef. Tasted like wagyu beef.So tender.I sapu'ed all the gravy! Another favourite dish marked.

The second time I ordered this.Yum!Yum!Love the bamboo shoots!

Sis ordered a whole suckling pig but IDK why the give this much only.Nevermind ,since it tasted so weird.Taste sweet. Blek! The last time I ordered roast pork ,it tasted so so only. Better don't order roast meat from this place.(But I heard roast meat is their signature dish)

This Chilli and Dried Shrimp Stir Fried Intestine was so crunchy and so 'heong' coz they cooked it with fried pork lard. Deadly food always taste heavenly. Just like how Devil tempted human with something good before sending them to hell.

Seafood Beancurd. Failed..

Deep Fried Garupa with sweet and sour sauce. Nice but so expensive.

Pork Belly with Salted Fish.Failed coz the pork also taste like salted fish.Too salty!

Other than that, everything else are pretty good.Enjoyed most of the dishes and the wonderful chinese setting.

Cornetto Luxury

This Mini Cornetto is so tiny.So tiny that I gulped down in 2 bites. Things always taste better when there's too little of them.

I remembered that it tasted so good when I was little.It was a luxury back then.We didn't get to enjoy it very often.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Who wants to have Tajima Wagyu Steak ?

RM39.90 instead of RM133 for Tajima Wagyu Steak (approx 200gm) + Unlimited Side Dish + Soup of the Day + Ice Lemon Tea at S'Mores Restaurant, Bangsar South. NON HALAL [70% OFF]

What You'll Get1 Tajima Wagyu Steak (approx 200gm)Unlimited Side Dishes: Pumpkin Kyuri Mash, Potato Salad, Pasta Garden, French Fries & Tomato Salad 1 Soup of the Day1 Ice Lemon TeaHighlightsTajima wagyu beef is best known for its tenderness, distinctive marbling & flavour Happening restaurant & bar Strategically located at the vibrant city, Bangsar South S'mores is for great food & great people

Click this link for more details

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Very Long Night

Attended a friend's wedding dinner at Ciao yesterday.Had to rushed home and get ready in a super short time.3o minutes.Can you imagine?Shower,facial mask,blowdry my hair,smoky eyes makeup,struggled with the darn corset,panty hose and dress.Phew...hard work.Sweat..Sweat.Managed to break my personal record.Now,who says us girls take forever to get ready?Who?Surrender yourselves now!

Snapped with Iphone hence the grainy pics

Reached there but got stuck in the traffic jam as that place didn't have enough parking space.Had to parked so far away and walk until I sweat and my feet ached.It was an omen.I should have known better.Why am I so stubborn?I brought this merde upon myself(merde means shit and it always sound better in French.

The beautiful ambiance blinded my mind perhaps.

I actually like the decoration coz it's white!My favourite color.

Snap..Snap..while anticipating for what'll come next.Silly me,I have yet to know what merde will hit me soon.

Emcee that pronounced witness as winners.Jesus Christ!Then they begun to introduce the attendees that came from afar.Shanghai,UK,Singapore....why they never mention small place like Cheras,like Sungai Buluh huh?Oversea and some further places to emphasize something?VIP?Made me feel like dig a hole and hide coz I don't come from a place far far away...PUTAIN!

The buffet started.Imagine 300 people going for it.I never count but the figure was announced by the bride.Actually I thought dinner for this kind of wedding should be served in courses.Quite surprised when I found out it's a buffet style thingy.Maybe I watched too much TV drama from the land far far away that showcased the lifestyle of the RICH & FAMOUS.My own fault.When it comes to the food, shall I put it without being offensive?The food was good,this is the truth but don't know why I had to run to the toilet 2 times and stomach ache.Maybe I lebih la. Another thing was the food was aplenty and can feed more than a thousand peeps(I didn't say this is the truth or lie but don't know why that dish in the pic was the only one I had the entire evening.Had to go home eat supper somemore)They served asparagus soup too,will put me off asparagus soup for a while.

Then merde started.Don't want to elaborate much but it felt like attending a talk by PM along with some other politicians.If you know what I meant?If not,we are not on the same boat so you can jump into the shark infested sea now.

I had the urge to just dump my friend there and get a cab home but I couldn't!Had to cool down.At some point,I overhead some attendee asked if there's more food served.Oops...I did it again.I didn't say anything...I just overheard something.

I wait and wait...Tweet and Tweet...Update Facebook status again and again...until I can finally escape.Sigh..Shouldn't have go if I knew earlier.This kind of thing is not my cup of tea.Once again,I brought this merde upon myself.Serve me right.DAI SEI

That was very long long night indeed.C’est des conneries!

This is me tired and starving....

P/S:I was just BS'ing.You can discount whatever I just said

Found A Pet Friendly Place

On our way to there

Had dinner at Yakiniku today and brought Baby Elise along.Nice place coz they welcome patrons with pets.All you need to do is let them know in advance.They serve Japanese and Korean food as well.We went for the Korean BBQ.I ordered so many dishes that the table alone was not enough to contain all of it.

Baby Elise's head so big LOL

While waiting for the food...

It was pretty quick but too bad they don't have a special sauce to go with the grilled meat.Was so busy snapping the pictures of the food,luckily Dad and Sis helped with the grilling.Else can eat lamb sashimi ler...Anyway,here comes the food.Mad hungry before I even got there.

Bacon and PIG slices.Can see itsy bitsy at the corner.


Another ingredient missing,ox tongue.Have to settled for chicken gizzard


While we were busy BBQ'ing,Baby Elise was sniffing and eyeing the food.She almost stole our Cold Soba!LOL...

Here's the evidence

You are supposed to grilled the whole thing inside the foil.Know what I did when I first had this years ago?I 'kiap' all the enoki out and grilled it directly.The staff quickly came to the enoki's rescue afterwards. She 'kiap' all of it back to the foil and put it back to the grill.So PAISEH.2 SAM PA LO! -.-" I wonder who else commit this faux pas?

Kimuchi Fried Rice.Spicy and sour.Nice.

I don't like sweet kimchi

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, taste was not to overpowering.Just nice.But the Salmon Skin is not crispy enough(I missed HK's fish skin)

I forgot what's the name of this soup.But I can describe it as kimchi like soup,not too spicy.Prepared with fish head ,loves it so much coz I can really taste the fish flavor.Usually you see fish bones in soup but never taste fish in it.This is really a fish soup.

Second round order.Cockles!

10th attempts to get this picture right.Hand shaking coz carrying sleeping Baby Elise with one hand.Scallops with cheese.Just like to watch the cheese melt.

Ended the dinner with Matcha Ice Cream.Smelled like BBQ beef by the time we finished. Some lady behind our table was staring at us as we were leaving.Maybe it's because I kept talking to Baby Elise earlier.I'm dog mad,I talked to my BaBy like a human,so what?Cannot meh?PDA is not illegal.

My Baby woke up already

This was taken one minute before a tragedy almost happened.Mom was carrying her ,suddenly she jumped and narrowly escaped a moving car.I screamed and I couldn't move at all.I think I almost had a heart attack and tears were already forming.Thank God she's safe now.

Takeaway for my nephew.Porkchop with egg rice.He loved it.

Chicken wings from Peel Road for supper.Going to devour them after posting this.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eason Chan Is Coming To Town

The 36-year-old artiste was here to promote his new album Stranger Under My Skin and the Malaysian leg of his Duo world tour. Duo will be Chan’s fourth concert in Malaysia after his sold-out shows in 2006, 2008 and 2009. Fifty per cent of the tickets to the show have been snapped up in just 15 days of pre-sale.

The singer-actor also held a showcase the same night at Sungei Wang’s Fiesta Street, Kuala Lumpur, where he met with fans and conducted an autograph-signing session. He was surprisingly bashful to see the huge crowd of fans who gathered to meet him. At their request, he even sang Bitter Gourd from his new release Stranger Under My Skin.

Dubbed Hong Kong’s third “god of song” after Samuel Hui and Jacky Cheung, Chan kicked off his Duo world tour concert in Hong Kong early last year. Having recently toured Europe, the show has already taken him to Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), the United States (Las Vegas and San Francisco), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Perth), New Zealand (Auckland), Britain (London and Manchester) and the Netherlands (Rotterdam).

Calling for all Eason's fans this August! Don't miss it! #TTEasonChan

Half Naked Goddess?

A friend told me,her colleague got married few years ago.Just because her mother in law doesn't like people wearing black,she had to forced her friends not to wear black to the wedding dinner.Nothing out of the ordinary here.But who's getting married?The mother in law second or third marriage or the bride?

If I'm the one invited,what I'll do is wear top to toe black sashay back and front in front of the mother in law.Another thing I will do is to take a picture with her,blow it up and send to her.LOL.So much for causing misery in the daughter in law.

I'm going to this wedding tomorrow after work.The dress code is "Goddess".I was only informed just yesterday.WTF.So last minute.

A question here:The goddess I know is the Greek goddess that is half naked.What do they expect me to show up in?
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