Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Friend Is 10 Letters So Is Lying Bitch

When you are a true friend
You should have offer to help
You know your friend needed it badly
But you wouldn't even lift a finger to help

All I know is that you've been BS'ing all along...

Is it because it's behind-the-scene dirty work
And nobody will see you sweating it out?
I bet you will want to stay in the front line
Where everyone'll praise you for helping out

"She's so nice for helping out" Is this what you want?...READ THIS "MY ASS!"

I know you've been eyeing for that role
Frankly speaking, it is not meant for you!
Not ever just because I know what you did
What you did behind my friend's back!

Backstabbing and spreading malicious lies with that damn mouth of yours

I wonder why you wanted that role so much
Is it because that you are now back on the market?
You looked like a famished predator to me
Desperately preying for 'food' in the meat market

Seeing you've been eyeing every possible prey that evening

I know you tried hard to avoid my gaze and you hate me at the same time you've been curious about me. Oh man, you are pathetic but I sure like it when I know you hate me.

Valentine's Date

In The Mood For Love

In The Mood For Love

Giuseppe Zanotti strappy heels
$1,295 - barneys.com

Alexander McQueen gold clutch
£1,265 - harrods.com

Jigsaw bangles jewelry
£39 - jigsaw-online.com

$25 - lancome-usa.com

Rouge in Love

Sheepskin Rose Pillow
$49 - roomandboard.com

Monday, February 27, 2012

Deja Vu

Everything I see and heard seems to have a hidden message. One of my reader telling me that by giving others a chance means giving myself a chance too. The damn TV series too...

These few years I've always been able to keep my emotions in rein. I always know what I want in life. Did I got overwhelmed by my bestie's wedding day or something? Been receiving different messages with the same meaning lately.

Is a greater force in this universe trying to tell me something? Telling me that I've been wrong about my standing all this while?

Planning My Funeral

Although I never had the ability to run any forced labor camp and to starve the entire nation but I'm going to make sure that I have a spectacular, nation stopping funeral just like Kim Jong II.

First I'll need some professional mourners. Since I'm paying for it, I'm going to get some good looking male mourners among them. They will have to sob openly in the public and I want lots of wailing along my funeral procession. Smart black attire will be dress code. The procession will be accompanied by a eight piece band parading along with my casket playing The Band Perry's 'If I die young' piece. Media coverage will be essential too, how else would the world see that I can have so many mourners when I died?

A reminder for myself to clearly state this in my will and to set aside a generous amount of fund for this elaborate plan of mine. A good executor will be needed to make this work.

Another quest to be conquered...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus

Men and women speak different language, having different expectation for everything in life. One thing that I couldn't understand, God made a man and a woman that are meant for each other. But why HE made them speak different languages of love, making things so complicated. The saying 'Men are Mars and women are from Venus' really justify this.

The craziest thing is I'm totally excluded from this saying. Where do I come from? What language of love do I speak? I don't know. Perhaps I belong to the Andromeda galaxy, far away from our planet and yet the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way.

An unresolved dilemma..

Am I too old for Monchichi?

They have this shop in Miramar Shopping Mall that sells Sekiguchi that sells Monchichi's dolls and these dolls are so cute! Can't stop thinking of them when I got home because I didn't buy it the first time around. Silly me, it took me a third trip there to have finally bought the dolls and I bought 3 of them.

Now, I really wish that I could open up a little shop selling these cute dolls as I can't get enough of them. Isn't it a bit too late for someone like me to go crazy over these dolls?

French/Spanish Night

Beautiful ingredients for Coq Au Vin, a French dish

Spanish Potato with Chorizo

For the main star: Browning the bacons
And also the chicken

Going to simmer this for a while, this is going to be great.

The making of the beurre manié :Creaming of the butter with flour to thicken the gravy

Preparing the side dish:I love chorizo

Served with tomato and garlic flavored wholemeal toast to soak up all of the wonderful gravy.
And Konyaku jelly for dessert

Vanity Affair

Vanity; You can't stop once you started on them. I started my skincare routine pretty young for my time, 12 years old.

But started wearing make up very late hence my horrible passport picture. Couldn't really go out from the house without any makeup on nowadays.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Would imperfection make me content?

Had this agonising pain in the neck few days ago and I thought I might be having a stroke or something. Turned out it was just some strain on my neck and I was being paranoid again. Silly me but it had me thinking. Is this life all about? From a baby to adult. Dating and getting married? Working my ass off and getting old? No! I'm working hard because I'm not dying yet and I need the financial stability to survive in this crazy world.

I lied in my bed that evening with the pain trying to re-evaluate my priorities and re-discovering myself. I prayed hard that the pain will go away soon and made a one sided deal with GOD. I prayed that I will never die before my Elise does. That HE'll grant me a sickness free but short life. Begged that HE won't dragged my life for too long plagued with sickness. I realized that I trusted nobody at all, nobody that could take care of me if I needed it. I've been pushing myself too hard by the thought of it. This is why I always feel so irritated all the time. Doing everything by myself and trusting nobody.

Would I be happier if I could let go? Would it be a better place for me if I simply settled for less in every aspect of my life? Would imperfection make me content?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Afraid of Retribution

First meal of oatmeal for my resolution to eat healthier and lose some weight and I already feel like breaking the resolution altogether. Thinking of giving up on the first spoonful of oatmeal porridge.

I've tried to make it more interesting by adding some Manuka honey, unsweetened fig jam and cheese and yet I still feel like throwing up. The last spoonful of oatmeal has went down the sink's drain.

Shall I just forget about being a skinny bitch and go au natural like the singer Adele? But I've been a jerk for calling others fat ass when I was a kid and I wouldn't want to be on the other side of the act of retribution for my past sins if I ever grow sideways! And it could come in ten fold!

Oh my, losing weight is damn hard.

Someone Please Slap My Damn Mouth

This is obviously a wolf, not a dog...

This ain't the first time nor the last time that I commited this faux pas. I can't differentiate between a dog and a wolf. Mistaken someone's wolf tattoo for a dog. I even complimentated how cute her dog is.

Called the beautiful white wolf display at Gallo by Thian a dog today. Thank God the designer herself didn't hear this.

It's really insulting, I mean me as the insulter. Those who feel offended, you may slap me if that could make you feel better.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

She's A Keeper

Those who really genuinely cared and loved, will always have your best interest in their heart. They wished for the best for you and they never tell you to settle for less in your life. And I found a keeper! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Discovering Healthier Cooking

Dinner-Kimchi soup with fresh mushroom, greens and some limpets. Well, it tastes almost perfect with the wonderful taste of mushroom that lingers in the palate.

I Prefer Her Companion Anytime

Most the time I would rather stay home and play with Elise. Is it possible that I love my pet too much? I find it safer, easier and more emotionally fulfilling to focus on Elise, who is never demanding or critical, and would never leave me feeling rejected, abandoned or even betray me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Curiosity Of The Ancient World

Perhaps it's a lifetime regret that I can't read chinese. Been missing out on a lot of good books and to learn more about the history of the imperial China. I've been fascinated with their emperors and empresses. Collected books on Empress Tsu Hsi, Wu Zetian and so on. Where every step they took in the palace could be their last and how they rise to power. A lot of people found it boring but to me, it's where I learn the ugly truth of humanity and the way of life.

It's also some kind of escape for me, from this real world. What will it be like if I live in that period of time or who will I be?

The Impressions of the West Lake by Zhang Yimou in Hangzhou had me watched in awe and I'm hoping to watch it again soon.

Yang Concubine defined a different meaning of beauty...

Ancient costume dramas with English subtitles of course

Dragon Year Of 2012

Hopefully my affinity with the dragon will bring me to even greater heights this year. Another year working my ass off to reach out for more opportunities and success. Will dreams come true for me this year?

Spanish Food Delight

Full grain bread with rosemary infused balsamic vinegar olive oil dip.
Precious ingredients for my bean stew, Fabada Asturiana.

Ingredients for Tortilla de patatas

Bon appetit!
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