Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun At Asia's Favourite Playground

Part go-cart, part toboggan...we've been wanting to try it out since we arrived. There's so many things to do and we had so little time. It rained a lot too.

In line for the luge.

Having full control of the Luge, we navigated down 688 metre of the Dragon Trail cruising slowly and speeding up as we like.

After the Luge, we boarded the Skyride. We had to hop on as it never really stop. Miscalculated and my butt landed right on top of a strip of wood. Right at my butt crack. OH MY LORD! It was so painful and the pain dragged for weeks. I thought I might have hurt my spine.

Should be enjoying the nice view below, but my butt pained so much and I was afraid of the height. Afraid of the cable gave way and dropped us. I know I was being neurotic but I couldn't help it. Pain and worries overwhelmed the beautiful scenery below us.

Off to ride the Segway afterwards....
Gliding effortlessly around on the eco friendly Segway. You just have to lean forward to move forward and stand up straight to stop.

At first, I thought it would very hard to master this device because I don't have the faith in myself. Jacky Chan made looked so simple but you know all his stunts on the big screen looked damn simple too.

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