Saturday, November 12, 2011


I always think that girls shouldn't have over perfect teeth. Imperfections such as a tiny gap or a slight overbite or even snaggle teeth somehow are very appealing. Teeth that are too straight or over bleached look too manufactured to me.

I had this slight overbite, some called it the 'rabbit teeth' that had been the source of my mouth ulcers. I tend to bite myself if I eat too fast and the pain from the ulcers will last for days. But I had no idea why I never bothered to fix it at all. I wish to wear braces just because I think they made you look kinda cute with all those colors that you can choose from but with a condition that they'll leave my overbite alone. No dentist can promise me that though.

Vampirism has been a very fascinating subject to me ever since I started on Anne Rice's books. Vampire fangs are very sexy, I think. The way they shaped the lips when they are hidden. IDK, call me nuts if you like but I just can't stop admiring their teeth. My sister used to had snaggle teeth but she had it removed. I would never remove them if I were her.

Now that the Yaeba thingy is in range, I might stand a chance to own some snaggle teeth too. Kristen Dunst has them too and she looked so perfect in her part as a vampire in the movie.


  1. Sometimes its about embracing what's not perfect and feeling great about it.

  2. Nava K: it gives a new perspective for being imperfect


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