Friday, September 23, 2011

The Temptation Of The High Society

High society record label was founded by That CD Shop since 2006 and is deemed as the jewel of the recording industry as it is the only record company in the world that is being endorsed by all the four major recording labels Sony Bmg, Universal music, Warner and EMI. It is also the only record company in the world that is able to have all the four major labels being involved in a single project.Not only they serve great music but great desserts too.

The cozy ambience of this place is very inviting.This modern restaurant that exudes an old world charm, complete with delectable menu and distinguished services and mad out of this world desserts.

Sinfully beautiful cupcakes, tempting rich chocolate cakes, mad luring tiramisus...this is crazy!

It took me a super human strength to be able to resist taking home every single different piece of them. If only fatness is only a myth, I would gladly eat all of them without a single trace of guilt in my system.
Some consolation prizes...

The verdict? I want to move to Singapore and stay next to High Society so that I could have the wonderful desserts anytime.

Time to seriously lose a lot of weight in order to put them back on again for my next visit. This time, I'm going to try at least 20 variety of them.

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