Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kat Von D Tattoo Faux Pas

Poor Kat Von D...Why does some people have all the luck in the world?That strange looking Jesse James. First he got to married Sandra Bullock and betrayed her. Then Kat Von D loved him so much that she tattooed his face on her body. And now she's stucked with the ugly thing. What did her see in him?!Love is blind indeed.

Subject for tattooing can be very perplexing. Tattoo regrets has become the norm nowadays. You might like it today but not few years down the road or after some life changing event.

Look at the Beckhams.Victoria and David had special tattoos dedicated to each other. So sweet.If I did that, sure I have to scrape my skin long time ago.

I think real people in this real world need to have a separate guide for tattooing.I composed a few for my future reference just in case.I don't want to be like Kat Von D stucked with that ugly thing:

1.Men should go for DNA test with their kids before tattooing the kids name.Who knows maybe the kid was product of their wife and best friend's hankie pankie.

2.Women can always have names of their children tattooed because she gave birth to them.It's just the matter of who's the father.

3.No bestie's name too unless they've gone to Heaven or Hell and also that they never had an affair with your husband. Now this can justify the word BFF and same goes with spouses or lovers.

4.Pet's name is totally okay they'll never betray you unless you provoke them so much that it bites you( Your fault here not the pet).

5.Tattoo behind the waist is fine as long as you don't do what the Ah Lians did.They really give bad names to everyone else.Why the hell they want to show it off like that?

Tattoo Etiquette
1.It's a very personal thing.If its visible then you can have a look.If not,don't try to peep or ask and mind your own business.You don't expect people to show you if its located at the private parts.

2.You don't have to announce to everybody that your friend had a non visible tattoo and tell everyone to take a look at it.If you like to show off so much, get your own and your friend is not an exhibit.

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