Saturday, September 24, 2011

True Blue? Won't Go Back Ever

The man standing at the reception threw us some dirty look as if we can't afford their food when we stepped into True Blue. Very bad impression.

Were seated by a receptionist and this man came over with a 360 degree change. He couldn't find anything more appropriate to say that awkward compliment of my nephew plain looking Tshirt. I think he's the manager or partner or whatever.

Weird tasting longan drinks..

Ngoh Heang...just plain ordinary ngoh heang.

Watery Ayam Ponteh...

Pucuk Ubi and Pineapple Prawn.

Horrible Keluak Otak Otak. I had to wash the prawn with Pineapple Prawn's gravy to get rid of the foul taste of the buah keluak. Don't mean to offend anyone here but I never tasted Buah Keluak that tasted like this.

Crayfish, I had no idea how to describe this.

Desserts, not really a sweet ending. The Onde-Onde served in a pair and the Tapioca thing in a trio. I think most of the places serve them in trio not a pair like this place.WTF?!

The verdict: Bad service, watery gravy, weird texture and foul smelling food. Nothing to shout about here. Shouldn't have rushed here from Sentosa. Might as well remain there to have KFC.

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