Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dawn Yang Shocker

I used to followed Dawn Yang's blog, ClapBangKiss. She looked so angelic and pretty.Great life she was having too,so envious of her. I want life like that too! If my memory served me right, she proclaimed herself as an Eurasian(Dutch ,Portuguese ,Japanese and so on). I read and digested her every word and picture in her blog innocently until I saw these:

Was that really her? Why she looked so different? What she did to her face? It's not only the makeup. Her eyelids were very swollen and now it looked as the skin was trimmed. Her eyes! How did she make them looked so big? Don't see much eye make up here but she sure looked very pretty here.

I guessed the mole gave away that the 2 pictures are the same person. Everything else were gone.Her skin is so fair! How many tones did it went down? What is the brand of skin lightening products she's using? I WANT TO HAVE FAIR SKIN TOO!

Her parents? Her 'before' picture had much similarities with her parents but not the 'after' Dawn Yang. Can it be there Eurasian gene in her just crept out suddenly after her teenage years? But her parents so old now and I still can't see any Eurasian trace in them.

How come she looked so different from everyone else in the family? Was she a stranger here? She looked so out of place here. Not one person in the picture had the same feature as hers.

I didn't put in the text.It was already there when I found this picture.

Here comes another revelation, found them in an e-mail(I know everyone know about it long long time ago and I was the last idiot to read this!)

At least Wendy put her post as advert...

Staying in the same hotel room and nothing happened? Those guys must be retarded to give up the chance to bed a pretty girl like Dawn.

Wendy seemed very genuine here. She admitedly her enchancement unlike some slit eyes girl that I knew that denied she cut her eyes to look bigger.

Wendy is very observant, she even scrutinizes Dawn's armpit. I don't dare to stare too long in case smell emitted from my screen.

Wendy's post had been taken down from her blog due to some defamation issues. I don't know but I think Wendy really had some point here.

I got to know this recently and I already packed my luggage, grabbed my passport and migrated to Team Wendy ever since.

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  1. Got to read xx's post re dawn for the first time! Thanks for putting it up ;)


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