Thursday, May 31, 2012

If I Am Invited, Please Be Respectful Then

So much bullshits in your life. You are invited to join a group for nostalgic reason. But almost everything is in a language that you couldn't read. Why the hell are you being invited then? Maybe youcan start a page and post everything in some language like Finnish or something. Some time wasting damn stuffs. Or did you miss something here?
Disrespectful, I shall say.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Lesson Learned

A note to myself: Just because you think that he's the nicest and most diplomatic one among the bunch, doesn't mean that he will take you as a friend. Don't overestimate your own position in others life. You are just another face in the crowd. You are nobody to them.

Don't you feel that you are the biggest idiot in the world for thinking that you'll be invited? Preparing for it while it went past you almost silently until someone else pointed it out to you. Have you ever feel like banging your stupid self against the wall? Sad? Dissapointed?

The moral of the story?
1.Never ever be so sure of things in life.
2. The outcome may leave you scarred for life.
3.Some people just don't deserve to have you as a friend.
4. Tell them to F.U.C.K O.F.F when they try to be friendly with you and also if they asked for help from you in future.

Save yourself the heartache. You have much better things to do than to mingle with people that dont appreciate you.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 2:Narcissism Overload at Budapest

Good morning everyone ☀! It's 6:56am here and it's so bright already! Actually the sun comes out at 5am here.

Having wonderful breakfast@Novotel Budapest

The first hurdle of the day : Going up this staircase involved a lot of hardwork for me. There goes all my
Fishermen's Bastion, here I come!

Bronze statue of Stephen I of Hungary between the Fishermen's Bastion and the Matthias Church. 
The Grand Prince of the Hungarian (997–1000) and the first King of Hungary (1000–1038).

Standing at one of the seven towers represent the seven Magyar tribes that settled in the Carpathian Basin in 896

In the heart of the seventh largest church of medieval Hungarian Kingdom, the late gothic style Matthias Church.

Visiting the  Hősök tere (meaning "Heroes' Square" in Hungarian) next. It's one of the major squares here.
During the moment when I was able to loosen up a bit, something unresolved crept up on me. I wonder how many good men out there that I've overlooked out there all these years or maybe they never even exist in my universe? I guess it will remains as a question mark until this moment.

The best thing that I could give myself right now is being able to be who I am. Not trying to supress myself from doing things that I love and being forced to do things I hated or having to entertain individuals that clashes with my principles.

On a more optimistic note, Mr Bear will be coming home with me.....

Going underground:Budapest Metro, the second oldest underground metro system in the world and one of the registered World Heritage site.
Having a cup of Macciato to wind down afterwards
Dropping by at the Opera House, they have a cozy little souvenir shop just at the corner.
Later on we had dinner at this nice restaurant which was converted from a former wine cellar. We went underground and it was so cooling here.
And finally I had to part with 10 Euro for this bottle of wine which has my picture on it. Narcissism had better of me..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 1: Settling Down at Budapest

My poor luggage, disfigured after touching down. Those luggage handlers are sure rough. I've seen how they flung those luggages around.

A total mess here after I unpacked and it was only day one! My stuffs conquered half of the room already.

At MOM Park opposite the hotel with some shopping to do before going for dinner.

Junk food shopping in fact and its 2000++ Forint for these.

When was the last time that I ever use a public phone back home? I can't remember....

Unforgettable Paprikáscsirke nokedlivel ( hungarian comfort food) for dinner. A very flavorful dish with colorful paprika seasoning its sour cream. It has become one of my favourite dish now.

Evening at Budapest

Hanging around at the hotel lobby before calling it a day

Hungarian brew to help me sleep quicker, I said quick because it's 9:33 pm now and I want to hit the sack immediately. Waking up at 7am tomorrow.

Day 1: The Journey Across The World

12 hours of struggling in my economy class seat and running to the WC in between due to the anxiety attack episodes( Can't stand being confined in a constricted space for too long),  I  made it intact to the other side of the world, Amsterdam. Transit from Schiphol,Amsterdam to Budapest,Hungary, 3 hours to go before getting onboard, again.

And it's only 6.30am here. Never wake up so early for so long and never been so energetic during this time.

A bit bored actually. Already covered almost 90% of the Schiphol in less than 2 hours. Had some refreshment and what is left for me to do at this time?

Getting onboard again and I've got the window seat this time enjoying this nice view.

 It was a bit warm when we reached Budapest, the capital and the largest city in Hungary. The name "Budapest" is the combinationation of the city names "Buda" and "Pest". One of the beautiful pre-revolution building here:

Went to Rákóczi Étterem in Budapest for a proper eastern european meal.

Mushroom, fish and potatoes Budapest style served with paprika condiment on the side, like what we do with sambal belacan back home.



Getting frequent ache in the back. Maybe it's work related or I'm not so young anymore. Luckily there's acupuncture helps to relieve the pain. Did it just before my flight.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Will The Similarities End Here?

I have know a couple of super vile bitches that have the same facial feature, expressions and even the same movement. Whenever I see those signs in someone, my alertness will hits the roof immediately.

I saw another one lately but I'm not so sure as I'm not so familiar with her.For safety reason, I have to protect myself. Have to trust my own instinct to survive as I'll never forget how dark and scary those days were.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can Money Buy You Taste?

Money don't buy taste, I'm very sure of that right now. There are evidences all around here but it's not convenience to post the pics here. Some women sure has 'Pretty Woman' starring Julia Roberts style. Some even preceded way beyond that. But at least, Vivian Ward seems to be a much nicer person than all those 'Pretty Woman ' wannabes. She's likeable and not nasty at all

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good or bad?

Sometimes you wouldn't have the time to plan or even think of what you want to do next. You were so busy, until you lost the time to think for yourself.

And then, as if there's a higher being who arranged all these things for you. Feels like blaming the guy up there for all the bad things that even befall on you previously but now he's arranging all these wonderful stuffs for you. It was like a dream comes true.

Who's this 'you' that I'm talking about? It's me actually and I'm beginning to worry what will happen next when my lucky streak runs out...

Japanese food

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