Friday, September 23, 2011

A Chance To Get Close To The Wild Animals

It was a bit drizzling but that didn't deter us from visiting the Night Safari. Bought a lot of mosquitoes repellent patches as a preparation.

Can't wait to get inside the tram. A very rare chance for getting close to the wild animals.

The tram took us from the Himalayan foothills to wild Equitorial Africa with live commentary. Wild animals such as tigers were separated by a huge drain while the tamer animals such as the tapirs are allowed to roamed freely. Saw them eating just next to the tram. I would be able to touch them if I reach out my hands.

Certain areas were so dark that sometimes I wondered if I was looking at some tree log or wild animals. At the back of my mind,images of some wild animals escape and lunges at us in the tram and eat us alive playing until a loud growl from a tiger nearby interupted my crazy imagination. That sounded so near...

Recent counts showed there are 600–800 Malayan tigers in the wild, making it the most common tiger subspecies other than the Bengal and perhaps also the Indochinese tigers. It is nevertheless an endangered subspecies.

Separated just by a piece of glass. I never been so near a tiger before. Too bad it's sound asleep and ignored us.

One of the few visible picture that I managed to captured. They don't allow flash camera in case it disturb the animals.

Pink Flamingos. They are so beautiful.
Never really pay attention to the pig species exist out there until now. Babirusa, Red River Hog and so much more. I can only remember the main character of the Babe movie. Pigs are very cute, how I wish that I could keep them as pets. I can give up having ham and bacon and eat Chick Kut Teh instead.

After the tram ride over, we walked around the many trails that they have. Tried to sneak a few pictures with the flash on and unfortunately I was caught red handed. Thank God they didn't kick me out.

We arrived at this cave where all of a sudden some bats flew on top of us. Scared the living sh*t out of me.

At the Z-Bar sitting on the zebra...LOL

See, it won't bite...

Hey! Let me go!

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