Monday, September 19, 2011

Sandsational Outing

The luxurious integrated resort.

The SkyPark topped the building towers. They have dress code here but I don't think some people really adhere to it.

Woman Aflame is one of Dali's most famous sculptures. He mixed different symbols together and creates improbable combinations: Drawers coming out from a woman's body suddenly set on fire. His art is a blurred boundaries between reality and dream.

Winning of the evening, but it wasn't mine. I never have the gambler's luck.

The Rain Oculus at the middle of the canal. It looks like a big bowl of swirling water. The water falling from 2 storeys high creating a strong impact. Closing my eyes and enjoying the sound of the water flow. Feels like sitting next to the waterfall. I really love the sound of water. Sound of rain during the morning, sound of the sea wave at the beach, water flowing in the water fountain.....very soothing indeed.

Inside Polo Ralph Lauren, Sis and me couldn't stop admiring the outfit on this mannequin. She loves it but she said she need to lose some weight to wear this and me? I need to lose a lot of weight and grow taller by 10 inches before I could get into it.

Supper at the lobby.
Deep Fried Cheese Stick with Basil Tomato Dip and Samosa (the pastry was a bit thick for my liking)

Mini Burger that wasn't mini at all..

Will work hard to achieve my target...

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