Sunday, August 14, 2011


This young girl ,let's just call her Selena (Coz I don't like Selena Gomez)seems so desperate.At first she made her elder sister forced a guy to go for vacation with her together.Just the 2 of them.Then she told that guy that he can share the hotel room with her.He wasn't even her boyfriend and uninterested.Whoa!It was very obvious what she and her sister up to.

Their own friend don't even like them. The elder one was calculative, manipulative, cunning and fake. I didn't say that,her own friend said that! (Once again,it proved my instinct was right)Another friend warned her to watch out for her sister.Maybe she tried to seduced the husband?Just guessing.

I sensed that the younger one doesn't like me when I first met her because the guy she target was my good friend. Girls always dislike me for being close with their target. They just can't see that we were only buddies. I'm not even their competitor and they wasted so much effort and energy to dislike me.

The conclusion here is my instinct was right all along and I get to gossip.LOL.Sometimes gossiping is good for our mind...

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