Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Things Come In 3's

Good things comes in three...I had 3 different chendol in a day at Malacca and now I had 3 different chicken rice in a week in Singapore.

First meal of Chicken Rice for the trip.

Eating in Singapore is not really that expensive. 3 bucks for chicken rice here ,you can't get that in Kuala Lumpur. I mean you don't convert the currency duh! Dollar to dollar it's much cheaper oversea. We can even get a H & M trench coat there for only 60 over bucks!

Rice with caramelised black sauce Singapore Style.

Second Meal of Chicken Rice at Mandarin Hotel.

They like to have their Bak Kut Teh with salted vegetable here (Not exactly salty but sweet).

I think they put half of the chicken breast here.

Third Meal Of Chicken Rice at Chin Chin's

This place is run by Hainanese bosses..psk*psk* I heard each of them drives a BMW. I think I might want to reconsider my career option after this.

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