Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Woman's Insane Rage of Hatred

Why are you buying the same pink ballerina pump?
If you like to critize her fashion taste so much
Why are you buying the same tumbler?
If you so hated everything about her

Why do you asked about her watch?
Why do you asked about the price?
Since you thought so highly about yourself
You should be able to afford hundreds of them

You assumed that yourself are so attractive
That everyone will fall to your feet including her
Shamelessly asking her if she loves you
And she bluntly rejected you

Admiring what she has
Or jealous of what you can't have
These two are bordering with each other
Your jealously turning into rage of hatred

If the dissatisfaction is work related
Why are you attacking her on the personal level?
Criticizing everything she does
Bending every truth about her

If you have a valid reason
For your dissatisfaction
You shouldn't resort to such dirty tactics
Doing what coward does best

Smearing her reputation
Gossiping about her
Backstabbing her
Twisted her words

Keep going with your charade
The world is round
What goes around
Comes around

1 comment:

  1. Obviously,this woman is nuts.She's incompetent herself that she has to belittle others to make herself look good.Jealousy plays a big part.She can't have what she wants and she started to ruin others good life.What a bitch...


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