Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Ideal Snack To Munch On Should Be Monstrously Delicious!

What’s your favorite snack to munch on, when you’re studying late at night, or watching a movie in front of the telly at home, reading a book, or driving home back to kampung? Most of you probably have heard of Mamee Monster products. Some of it includes Mamee cup noodles, Double Decker, Mister Potato, and Mamee Monster, just to name a few. These snacks would no doubt would fill a starving tummy!Mamee brand has been around for over 35 years and Mamee products has all these while been a trusted HALAL product. You can check out the halal status on Jakim’s official page. In conjunction with Raya, Mamee Monster would like to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and would like to remind you to drive safely if you are returning back to your hometown. For that long drive back, you should bring back some snacks and munch on some of the Mamee Monster snacks! You could also serve some Mamee monsters with your kuih raya to celebrate in this festive season!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lady Gaga - Yoü And I (Official Video)

Lady Gaga transformed into a nightmarish version of the mermaid with a distracting skin-colored bustier in this MV. It gives the illusion of her being naked above the waist. I think she represent the anti-heroine of the Disney's Little Mermaid. In this MV, she was seen writhing and grinding with a hunk in a bathtub. Erotic mermaid?

Rumor has it, this song is about her on-off lover of six years Luc Carl and half way through the track Gaga breaths: 'six whole years' to the camera.

She said: 'The premise of the video is that I've walked all the way from New York City to Nebraska to get my boyfriend back'. This explains her bloodied feet in the MV.

Her male alter-ego character Jo Calderone was present as she bashes away on the piano in a white T-shirt and black trousers.

In my opinion, this is her sexiest MV. She's a very artistic lady and she's not afraid to show it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm So Desperate For A Man

That's what my friends think...

Ever had those embarassing moment when your friends played the matchmaker for you and someone else? Or friends who set you up for blind dates? What's even worse than that? They fussed over it the entire time and making it awkward for both of you. They might be well meaning but that's not really the way to do it.

I've been stucked in those situation so many times that I've lost count of them. Friends will come across guys that they thought are good enough for me and set me up. I don't mind if you don't make it so obvious. What shall I say to him?. "Hi ,nice to meet you. My friends think I'm so dry and desperate that they have to set me up with you. Just play along okay?". Embarassement was so overwhelming that my brain wasn't fully functional. Stressed! I felt like crawling under the table until it's over.

The situation worsen afterwards if the guy was highly recommended (it happens all the time, else your friends will never set you up in the first place. You'll received calls or SMS from your well meaning friends say, the next day? "How's Michael? Any sparks? He's a very nice guy you know?". WHOA! What do you expect?! I don't think sparks could really flies during those awkward moments. I don't even get to know him personally as I was too embarassed to talk. As usual, the friends will do all the talking. What was I doing then? Staring into my food, concentrated hard and I might as well make myself invisible and get away from it.

Personality is vital but sometimes I couldn't really bring myself to go beyond his appearance to really appreciate his inner beauty. I mean if that guy looked like Joker in the Batman movie or has skin like Freddy Krueger. I couldn't tell my friends that! I had to politely tell them to let the nature slowly takes its course to brush them off so that they'll never bother me about their friend again. I'm not discriminating anyone but there are something that can't be forced. Just because you think your friend is good doesn't mean that you can force me to accept him. Anyway, thanks for the effort my dear friends.I haven't reach that stage yet, if I do I will pester you guys for it. Nothing to worry yet. I'm still doing fine.

If one day, when I'm really that desperate, I'll put up a recruitment advertisement on the newspaper to look for a man.It will sounds like this:



(to ensure that you can afford to provide for me)


(I need to know your spending patterns coz guys who spend a lot on their appearance usually love themselves more than me thus spending less on me)


(if he had Victoria Secret models lookalike former girlfriends, that will have a huge impact on my self esteem)


( I don't want to have any conflict with any other possesive female in his life who think I'll take away their beloved son or brother and also to know if he's a MUMMY'S BOY which is very annoying)


( for further investigation of his life and history or any trace of previous unrecruited love coz those can haunt the relationship)


( I don't want to spend my life with a guy who never seem the world, like the frog underneath the coconut shell)


( I want a smart guy not dumb one)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Am I A Lesbian?

Some dilusional bimbo I knew (thick skinned one) told me that her boyfriend was worried if I wanted to pursue her. Come on, it's your boyfriend who said that or it were you? This is so ridiculous ,not because for liking a girl but of all the beautiful women in this world, she thought I would like her?


I wonder what her parents feed her, making her believe that every man and woman will fall for her. This is the biggest joke that ever befall on me. This bimbo was so full of herself! What really made her thought that I would fall for her? Must be something wrong with her. Bullshit! You can put me under the guillotine but I will never bulge from my stance.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of liking a woman because I really do like beautiful girls like Angelina Jolie and Michelle Reis. Sandra Bullock is appealing to me too, she got the personality. Men and women appeal to me in different perspective except for that bimbo , not a single cell in her that appeals to me.

I admit I am discriminating against that thick skinned bimbo.

I have a many friends that are gay. I prefer to hang out with them. They aren't like some delusional guys and gals who are so full of themselves. Guys might forced themselves on you and gals might worried that you'll jump on them. With gay friends, we could talk about anything under the sky and we could be really close friends. The respect me for who I am and I do respect their courage too. They are often the most misunderstood individuals in our society. I really hate people who discriminate them and labeled them as dirty. The very same people who wanted freedom for themselves and yet they tried to take away the freedom from the gays, the freedom to be who they are. There's no human rights for these gays. Sometimes I really feel like slapping these idiots for being so shallow. What I want to tell the gay haters out there, just get a gun and shoot yourself in the head if you really loathe the gays. That way you will never need to see them again!

It doesn't really matter if I'm a bisexual or not, I wouldn't admit or deny it. The most important thing is that bimbo will never stand a chance and will never be my object of affection. I don't like retarded bimbo.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Starbucks' Secret Menu

Stumbled across this at the Daily Meal

Affogato-Style Frappuccino

This one probably classifies more as an in-the-know drink than a "secret" one. Order any Frappuccino "affogato-style" and you'll get a shot of hot espresso added on top of your drink as opposed to having it blended in.

Super Cream Frappuccino

Like to go heavy on the whipped cream? Ask for a "Super Cream" version of your Frappuccino and you'll get half a cup of whipped cream blended in.

"Short" Drink

The Tall drink's smaller, less expensive younger brother.

Cake Batter Frappuccino

Perhaps a little deceptively named, as there are no actual pieces of cake or cake batter in it, this beverage originally consisted of vanilla and almond syrup added to a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino. However, since the almond syrup is largely no longer available, some recommend that you try subbing in hazelnut syrup and white mocha for a similar flavor.

Chocolate Dalmatian

White Chocolate Mocha with java chips and chocolate chips sprinkled in.

Zebra Mocha

Sometimes also called a "Penguin Mocha," a "Marble Mocha," or simply a "Black and White Mocha," this drink combines the white chocolate mocha with the regular mocha for those who can't pick a favorite. Or, if you really want to take it to the next level, ask to have raspberry flavoring added for something called the "Red Tux" Mocha.

Dirty Chai

A Chai latte (hot or iced) with a shot of espresso added in. And if you want two shots? That's called a "Double Dirty" or "Extra Dirty" Chai.

Green Eye

A Red Eye or Black Eye, sure — that's one and two extra shots of espresso in a regular drip, respectively. But those that go for green get a sure-to-jack-you-up three shots of espresso boost to their cup of coffee. (Note: apparently at some places it's called a Blue Eye.)

Triple C's

And the award for best alliteration in a Starbucks drink name goes to the Three C's: Cinnamon Dolce Latte with caramel syrup and chocolate mocha syrup.

Biscotti Frappuccino

This off-the-menu item sounds a little like a Starbucks version of a DQ Blizzard or a McFlurry, except you have to have to buy a package of biscotti cookies separately and ask your barista to blend them into your Frappe. Note: There seems to be some contention online as to whether or not baristas are actually allowed to put biscotti in the blender, so maybe only ask someone you know who is willing to do you a favor.

Read more at:http://www.thedailymeal.com/ultimate-guide-starbucks-secret-menu//

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bitten by The Annoying Pink Bug

Few years ago, I was in a pink phased. Practically,almost everything I had was pink. Hello Kitty and My Melody was exceptional as that's their color. I had pink tumbler, car decorated in pink, pink phone case, pink socks, pink Adidas sneakers, pink Gucci purse, pink Prada bag , pink toilet , pink camera....the list could go on. It went to the stage where everyone around me was annoyed with me. My Dad even joked about the pink curtain in the ward room during when I was hospitalised. Never liked pink when I was a kid, too girlish for me until I was bitten by the pink bug.

Now that my pink phase is over, too much pink is making me feeling nauseating. In fact it is so sickening. I wasted so much money buying those pink stuff and now I'm living in regret. Some I threw away and some got stucked with me because they were so expensive. The bag and the camera. I feel so embarrassed to take it out whenever I need to take pictures somemore nobody wants to buy that stupid bag.

Yesterday, a guy from Hokkaido Ramen ask if mine is a DSLR camera and his expression was like so excited. He thought I'm going to take nice pictures of his shop with a DSLR camera. I had to admit sheepishly that mine was just a pariah camera and I took out my dumb pink camera and started taking pictures for my blog. So embarassed. Most of the time I feel reluctant to use it in the presence of those with DSLR camera around. I really hate my retarded camera now.

From now on, I will save all the incomes from blogging for my new camera fund. Hopefully I could at least buy the Olympus PEN E-PL1 because it's white!

Meanwhile I really have no idea what to do with the bag....

Wonderful Ramen

Yippe!! Tokyo Street in Kuala Lumpur! No more running around to cure my cravings for Japanese food and buying Japanese household items. It's a different ambience on this street. Never been to Japan, so I'm not sure how does it feels like but at least this is something new.

There were a few restaurant here. Spoilt for choice. I have no idea where to start, this is out of my plan. I thought I want to grab some Italian baked rice, that's all. I was wondering up and down until I decided to go into Hokkaido Ramen Santouka just because of the lovely display they were having.

The place serves 3 varieties of ramen soup which consists of shio (salt), miso (bean paste) and shoyu (soy sauce). I ordered a Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen. Given the choice of shio and shoyu soup, I would choose the former anytime. Tokusen Shio Ramen is their signature ramen. Toroniku Cha-Shu is simmered piggie face (pork cheek meat that is). Pork cheek meat is very rare and only 200-300g can be taken from each pig. It has a very rich flavour and it is tender like fatty tuna.

I learned that Ramen Santouka was founded by Hatanaka. He wanted to develop a classic ramen for all to enjoy, made with a simple soup that could be savored to the last, spoonful and topped with a fabulous Char-siu pork, in essence, a masterfully assembled ramen whose superior ingredients and magnificent, robust flavor would truly stand out and long-lasting. Even with many shops located throughout Japan and in select international cities, the fundamentals of RAMEN SANTOUKA remain to this day unchanged.

My ramen arrived with the toppings served separately. Pickled plum is their signature topping . It has a sour taste and light crunchy texture but only one is not enough for me!

3mm strips of Kikurage add a bit of texture to the soup.I love my bamboo shoots in Chinese and Korean food. They even made their presence in Japanese food! It has a light crunchy texture.

The mild, pearl-colored Tonkotsu soup,took about 20 hours to simmered with pork bones before adding in the vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients.

I finished the entire bowl of ramen, it blended well with the soup and chewy just the way I like them (I just can't stand soggy noodles).

Well, it wasn't planned but it's definitely a pleasant meal. Can't wait to come again but only after I try out the En Giza Cafe next door psk*psk* I heard they serves Hello Kitty latte there!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What is Limhamn, Factum or Bekväm?

Klippan. Limhamn. Bekväm. Ordning. Factum. Does it sound like it’s a phrase from Star Trek? Actually they are all product names from IKEA! All of them have Swedish origins. IKEA has anything and everything for an average household – and at affordable prices, and in many varieties of colors! This year IKEA puts more focus on smart solutions and small ideas that maximizes small spaces (with small price tags, too). To give you a head start and prepare you for shopping in the store, IKEA will distribute the new catalogue to you so you can start to plan your shopping list. The 2012 IKEA Catalogue will arrive at the doorsteps of all households in the Klang Valley - and all 376 pages of it! So look out for it at your home.Do not fear if you don’t live in Klang Valley! IKEA has also made the catalogue accessible online at http://www.IKEA.com.my/2012_catalogue so you can view it anywhere! What's more, IKEA has made their catalogues accessible for mobile phone users on the go. IKEA has created free applications for Apple and Android phone users which can be downloaded from the phone's respective Apple App Store and Android Market. To see the full range of new products, styles, inspiration and solutions for small spaces, visit the IKEA store today or http://www.ikea.com.my/

On the itinerary: Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai & Hangzhou

MAD Deal of the Day: RM799 instead of RM2996 for 4D3N Guangzhou - Zhuhai Ground Tour for 2 pax + Complimentary 5D4N Hangzhou - Shanghai Ground Tour by HwaJing Travel & Tours, Cheras.Taste the authentic Cantonese dishes, explore the temples, gardens, and even churches. That is Guangzhou for you.As for the elegance of Shanghai, Paris of the East, will bring you chic and traditional all wrapped in one. So quick, get on that flight and bring home a little culture.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Birthday Treat but Not My Birthday!

Finally, we set a date to have birthday dinner for my friend. It was supposed to be in July but I have totally no time to spare.

He chosen Edo-Ichi to redeem his meal. Went there straight after I got off from work. Reached early and had a chit chat with Ida coz the fella still haven't reach.

By the time he reached , I already read the menu from front to back and back to the front to kill time. After all I was the one who supposed to do the ordering.

I like this ,the scallop is juicy and fresh. There's some mentai in it as well. By the way, I made a great discovery recently. I found out that I know how to hold chopstick with my left hand after my 30 years of existence! Isn't it wonderful? I'm a leftie but IDK why I used to hold chopstick with right hand before this. I couldn't even eat properly back then. Always had to use fork like small kids....retarded.

Mentai Yaki Soba, not in the menu. Specially order from the open kitchen. A recommendation by Ida. RM30 for a portion a bit expensive but I love it. I even had a second order for my parents at home. With some dancing flakes. What they called huh? Can't recall, my mind is only filled with utilities bills amount, monthly insurance premium and not forgetting the dogs expenses. Let me check......Hmmmm....Aahhaa! Got it, it was bonito flakes!

Soft Shell Crab Karaage. Don't really fancy this after I saw how they cut off the legs to make the crabs shed the hard shell sooner. The birthday boy ordered this.

This is also one of my favourite. Salmon flakes and fried skin salad. Must have this everytime I come else I'll get insomia. If diet's salad taste this good, I can be forever on diet without any other food craving.

Salmon and avocado roll. A very good combination. I only had one piece though as I had to restrict my carbs intake. I spend too much on food like this and I had no more money spared for buying bigger size wardrobe. Going on diet can save more money even if carbs food item is much cheaper than the protein food item and I also don't want to be a fatso. A friend said if one day I became a fatso, it's my karma. I hope that day never comes.

Australian Beef . They grilled it for us. At least I don't get those grilling smell stuck on me. Medium rare, the beef was very tender and juicy. Dipped into the IDK what is it and then into the sesame sauce and put into your mouth. NomNom...

Faster click the camera! I can't wait to have the mochi. Served with grounded peanuts. Chewy and nutty.My bread face will grow another 100mm after finishing this. Hmm..peanut butter sandwich anyone?

Table with a nice view

When the bill came it was RM230.20. Quite reasonable, acceptable whatever because my friend's bill for my birthday dinner was RM700 ++ for 2 of us. So I still got nothing to lose. Hehe. Time to figure out what I want to have for my 31st birthday

Dawn Yang Shocker

I used to followed Dawn Yang's blog, ClapBangKiss. She looked so angelic and pretty.Great life she was having too,so envious of her. I want life like that too! If my memory served me right, she proclaimed herself as an Eurasian(Dutch ,Portuguese ,Japanese and so on). I read and digested her every word and picture in her blog innocently until I saw these:

Was that really her? Why she looked so different? What she did to her face? It's not only the makeup. Her eyelids were very swollen and now it looked as the skin was trimmed. Her eyes! How did she make them looked so big? Don't see much eye make up here but she sure looked very pretty here.

I guessed the mole gave away that the 2 pictures are the same person. Everything else were gone.Her skin is so fair! How many tones did it went down? What is the brand of skin lightening products she's using? I WANT TO HAVE FAIR SKIN TOO!

Her parents? Her 'before' picture had much similarities with her parents but not the 'after' Dawn Yang. Can it be there Eurasian gene in her just crept out suddenly after her teenage years? But her parents so old now and I still can't see any Eurasian trace in them.

How come she looked so different from everyone else in the family? Was she a stranger here? She looked so out of place here. Not one person in the picture had the same feature as hers.

I didn't put in the text.It was already there when I found this picture.

Here comes another revelation, found them in an e-mail(I know everyone know about it long long time ago and I was the last idiot to read this!)

At least Wendy put her post as advert...

Staying in the same hotel room and nothing happened? Those guys must be retarded to give up the chance to bed a pretty girl like Dawn.

Wendy seemed very genuine here. She admitedly her enchancement unlike some slit eyes girl that I knew that denied she cut her eyes to look bigger.

Wendy is very observant, she even scrutinizes Dawn's armpit. I don't dare to stare too long in case smell emitted from my screen.

Wendy's post had been taken down from her blog due to some defamation issues. I don't know but I think Wendy really had some point here.

I got to know this recently and I already packed my luggage, grabbed my passport and migrated to Team Wendy ever since.

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