Saturday, April 6, 2013


Ate some nori seaweed and edamame and then downed with skimmed milk for dinner and trying to back up last year's holiday pictures while preparing my breakfast for tomorrow, quinoa with truffle and low fat Parmesan.

It had became a routine for me every year. Not backing up my phone until the very last minute before I go on board. Every single time without fail and rushing to finish everything else during the last few days. My fault....should have be more disciplined.

Things seems to be waiting to bounce on me during this time of the year too. Have to rush some design sketch my company's interior design. Then my stupid car is making some screeching sound and that will rob me some precious time to bring it to the service centre. How am I going to complete my tasks if its continuing to be like that?!

Last year I was so sick with flu and back ache til I almost had to cancel the trip. Went back and forth seeing doctors and getting acupuncture. Luckily I managed to recovered for the entire trip and then it all started again after my transit to Singapore. It was a mess. Now, crazy breakouts on my face. Damn it. Pre- holiday stress I think...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Squats, I've been doing them for the 6th week now. It's one of the compound workout that helps to increase the testerone level to build more muscle. Yes you heard me right, I'm working towards those pounds and pounds of muscle. I want a rock hard body!
As squat recruits more muscle group and one of the biggest muscle group to complete, it naturally temporary increases the testerone level and lowers down the cortisol level in our body. High cortisol= weight gain. So, I'm trying hard to keep it down. This fact has been keeping me going through all those crazy squats and lunges in my daily workout.
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