Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Most Intimate Encounter With Lamborghini

Guess what is this?

Mom wouldn't believe me when I took these home and told her that money couldn't buy these unless of course she can afford to buy a Lamborghini. These mooncakes are the nearest that we could get to the luxury car. I can't afford the car but at least I get to eat the famous logo! It went into my mouth, stomach and came out from my ass!
My most intimate encounter with Lamborghini to date!

I really wonder why Singapore's mooncakes taste much better than those on our shore. Is it because Singaporeans are more willing to fork out money for quality stuff while we are too stingy with our money.

My lovely sister bought these wonderful mooncakes for us again this year. Durian mooncakes! It's not cheap but sure worth the money. Every bite you take, the durian just burst into your tastebud unlike some fake durian flavoring mooncake in our shore. Different color for different grade of durian. Yum..Yum..

After we had the Home's mooncake, Sis said she had some even nicer one in her fridge. My initial plan was to ambush her fridge when we got to Singapore.. Hehe. But when I reached there, I totally forgot about it until Sis took two piece of the mooncake from her fridge. One for me and one for my nephew. I love my Sis so much!!

The skin for this mooncake is even chewier than the Home's one. The durian filling was like OMG, like hundreds of durian packed into one tiny mooncake. It was superb. Sis told me it's made from a high grade durian. Sigh..how am I going to eat durian in Malaysia again? Most of them tasted like so diluted. Durian mixed with water?

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