Friday, September 23, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Syndrome

What is a nice girl like Jennifer Aniston doing with those guys? Guys who break her heart? While everyone else has settled down, she's still going about rounds of heartbreaks.It just isn't fair for someone who just wants some love.

There's this incompetent guy who can't catch up with Jennifer's lifestyle.He says, "She likes top-notch hotels and luxury, and I like bed and breakfasts and riding my bike. That's the most shallow version of it, but it's indicative of our personalities." Big ego I guess as Jennifer is the more successful between both of them.

A former husband who has the tendency to fall for his leading ladies in his work.He was voted as a sexy man and she was a sweetheart for her role in 'Friends'. They really hit it very well and compatible until one day he decided that she wasn't good enough for her and went for another of his leading lady, Angelina Jolie. Hopefully Angelina Jolie will be his last lover.
Then come along this rebound guy which made an odd couple with Jennifer. Maybe she was too blinded with her divorce that she fell for this guy. Their's was an underground love until it was exposed in the tabloids.

Another scumbag who used her for publicity. Her friends already warned her about this serial womenizer. A source said, John hinted to friends that he will not marry Jennifer. "John tells her she's the one and that he's ready to settle down, but then he tells a different story to his friends." A cheap big fat liar!

A co-star who will makestriking hot couple with her. They had great chemistry on screen and their body language suggested romance but they never admitted anything. Did they ever give romance a try and it fizzled or is it for publicity?I really love to see them as a couple.
She seemed to looked genuinely happy with her current beau, I think she's trying hard to impress him by morphing into someone else for him. Trading her own chic style for biker style to match his style.I hope my instinct is wrong this time but I could sense that this guy will be another heartbreaker for Jennifer. He looked like the type who loves himself more. Is he using her for publicity? A picture of him hogging the umbrella while raindrops dropping on her really says something.
Do all these sounds familiar? Ever heard these stories from your girl friends? Good girls looking for someone that she would settle down with but yet time and time again that she's let down by some scumbag heartbreaker. She goes through the same cycle again and again. Does she has the tendecy to fall for the wrong guy or is she a magnet for the scumbags? Maybe she's being too nice and those guys thought they can take advantage of it.

It's a dillema for the mortal girls. Good girls are being let down by the scumbags and bitches get the good guys. This is not fair! Someone gives them a break please!

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