Monday, August 15, 2011

What is Limhamn, Factum or Bekväm?

Klippan. Limhamn. Bekväm. Ordning. Factum. Does it sound like it’s a phrase from Star Trek? Actually they are all product names from IKEA! All of them have Swedish origins. IKEA has anything and everything for an average household – and at affordable prices, and in many varieties of colors! This year IKEA puts more focus on smart solutions and small ideas that maximizes small spaces (with small price tags, too). To give you a head start and prepare you for shopping in the store, IKEA will distribute the new catalogue to you so you can start to plan your shopping list. The 2012 IKEA Catalogue will arrive at the doorsteps of all households in the Klang Valley - and all 376 pages of it! So look out for it at your home.Do not fear if you don’t live in Klang Valley! IKEA has also made the catalogue accessible online at so you can view it anywhere! What's more, IKEA has made their catalogues accessible for mobile phone users on the go. IKEA has created free applications for Apple and Android phone users which can be downloaded from the phone's respective Apple App Store and Android Market. To see the full range of new products, styles, inspiration and solutions for small spaces, visit the IKEA store today or

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