Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's BREAK Time!

Been anticipated for a long overdued holiday. Whatever ,whoever and wherever, I don't care,I just wanna have a break. Didn't even actually plan much. So along with 3other girls,we pack our bags afterwork on Sunday and off we go to Malacca.Woohoo...(Not exactly my dream vacation la but at least it's a break)

Almost 2 hours drive and we reached Malacca.Super hungry by now (stomach growling).I need to eat!The GPS navigated us to the Portuguese settlement.Headed straight to get the famous mango juice.Not those yellow and sweet mango but it was green and sourish mango with preserved plum powder.My first time having this.One word, WONDERFUL.

Going for Portuguese food next!

It was a dilemma at deciding which stall to go for seafood. One said she know which one while we were still in KL then said she don't know the place's name and don't know which one.WTF!! Then the other one called the boyfriend and after she told us it's the first stall.Suddenly the first one said that one no good.Once again ,WTF! Isn't it a bit disrespectful and rude? Finally we settled for the No:6 stall. Once again the indecisive problem crept up.SAID-YOU-BEEN-THERE-AND-IT-WAS-NICE-AND-YOU-DON'T-BLURDIE-KNOW-WHAT-TO-ORDER??!! Merde !

Finally,I ordered a Portuguese style otak otak.Good one. You won't want to eat those MERDE otak otak at pasar malam ever again.Those taste like some piece of shit that dropped on the groud,picked up and wrapped to sell to you.Should call them Otak Otak flavoured piece of rubbish.Means I ate quick a lot of rubbish during my 30 years of existence. This, you can taste the fish and those aromatic spices. Normally I won't touch those cucumber but this time I had them with the gravy.I thought I wanna lick the foil afterwards...Very nice la.

Butter garlic scallops taste good too. Helps to balance the hotness of other spicy dishes.I like my food hot and spicy but not the rest of the girls. Very difficult to really enjoy food with people who can't stand spicy food.Pity me you know? I ate spicy food almost every meal my whole life!

The one in the bowl was the Dabel Curry .Sounds like Devil Curry huh?I thought so but it was not.The waitress said it was D-A-B-E-L. I tasted a hint of ginger in it. Not spicy at all and a bit sweet. Doesn't suit my tastebud coz had to accomodate other non spicy eater. She said we can go ahead and order spicy dishes but of course being polite I can't bring myself to do that. Next time I want it to be SPICY!

When this Grilled Eggplant arrived, I thought there should be a sauce accompanying it but there wasn't any. My first time having it.First bite was beyond my expectation. Seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled (Later I realised that a client of mine,Lucy told me before about this dish). Old age is affecting my memory..Sigh. Stupid me,ask for sauce somemore.

Lastly was the Salt baked Crab. I saw this one some local TV show. You supposed to taste the sweetness of the crab if it's fresh but we couldn't taste any. Salt Baked Crap was more like it.

I used to love the seaside. Dinner ,supper, daydreaming at the beach. I used to loved to listen to the sound of the wave but I don't know why it seemed so scary this time at Malacca. Too much of Tsunami news perhaps. A scroll at the seaside after dinner was perfect but the moment I go near it,my heart almost popped out of my chest.Had to leave immediately.We left for the hotel afterward.

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