Sunday, August 7, 2011

Confession of A Food Lover cum Shopaholic

Look at this Pineapple Tart!It was way bigger than my butt!They made it for the lady who spent RM1.8 million on a Facebook page.So sweet..

Monday 17:00
Assam Fish, just like what I had at home.Spicy and sour enough for my liking

Grilled Brinjal ,everybody just love it!

Ayam Ponteh,the gravy was too watery.Me first time cooking this,just nice.Second time should be better but total failure.

Cincaluk Omelette ,just like what I made.Petai Prawn,my mom's one taste better,

19:00 Went to 3 different place to find the Satay Babi but they were closed. Should know better,it's Monday :-(

So we went for another round of Nyonya food. Mad girls...

Apparently this place opened its door during the screening of the famous Little Nyonya drama.If I'm not mistaken ,they share the same name(I can't read chinese)

Pai Tee ,Sambal Cockles (overcooked) ,Nyonya Otak Otak and Steamed Ladies Finger (the sambal belacan tasted just my Dad's one)

Salted Vegetable Soup with Duck.Don't get to have this at home ,not suitable for the elders.

Didn't eat any rice for the entire trip...

3rd chendol of the day!


Most of the stuff were mine.Paiseh...paiseh..

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