Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hungry Ghost Festival in Jonker Street

Coincidentally ,it was the 1st day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. It's when the hell's door is open and all the other worldly spirits roams the earth.We can see the entire street was left with some burnt and food offerings.Tried to be careful not to step on any of those.

Walking along, this place feels very authentic chinese feel. Never had this kind of feelings before. But I don't dare to snap picture of them making the offerings. Don't want to capture any unwanted image on my camera.I admit, I'm a SCAREDY CAT...if the fear of ghost creeps upon me,I'll get plenty of sleepless night.

The Jonker Street is like a pasar malam. They sell all sorts of snacks and souvenirs as well.

Fried Durian Balls and Rolls. It was Sunday and it was a good day to eat durian.Hehe...

Bamboos are a very auspicious plants. Hope I can get them for my house. This background is a very suitable scene for Green Snake Spirit movie...with all those green lights..

Merde!Someone criticized that I looked very TERUK in this picture. If it's that the case, why your camera never explode?DUH...

We saw a caucasian lady picked some hell money from the ground on our way back.For souvenir perhaps. I just had to tell her the purpose of the piece of paper in her hands. Luckily she put it back where it belongs. I hope I did a good deed for her.

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