Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Favourite Smurf

The Smurfs are back!
The Smurfs


Introducing PAPA SMURF!

When someone said they grew up with Smurf,it is only literally.Me?Pratically I grew up with Papa Smurf.He came into my life as my 3 years old birthday present from my Uncle William in Singapore.

He's still looking good after 27 years staying with me.

Papa Smurf is the third oldest Smurf with his signature red hat.He is a gentle and smart Smurf whom the other Smurfs usually go to whenever they needed advice.He is very well versed in alchemy which allows him to make up all sorts of elixir to help whoever that needed them.He is the most knowledgeable among the Smurfs and the perfect leader to lead everyone else back to the Smurf Village.His diplomatic skill is necessary to communicate with the Smurfs and humans.

Initially he will have to cast a spell to make Gargamel runs in the same spot for hours whenever he tried to chase them.The Smurfs can even be invisible to avoid detection by Gargamel's cat,Azrael until he worked out the spell to turn Gargamel and his cat into a Smurfs friendly wizard. He'll be a very good help with heavy works as the Smurfs are only 3 apples high. Papa Smurf will work along with Brainy Smurf's intelligence, Smurfette's eye for detail,Handy Smurf's amazing invention,Tracker Smurf's tracking abilities and along with other Smurfs day and night to create a machine that can transport them back to the Smurf Village.Just key in the village's coordinate and off they go.

Back at the village,they lived harmoniously with each other and Gargamel even help refurbishing the buildings around Smurf Village!

Happily ever after.

Showing in cinema 1st September 2011

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