Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hotel Unspoken Code of Rules

I wanted to stay in Hereen@Courtyard but the girls wanna go for Baba House coz it's cheaper. Reluctantly I tried to book online but THANK GOD, no more rooms available!Woohoo! The latter looked haunted and dirty on their website.Finally we settled for Puri as the price was in the mid range. Wasn't expecting anything as the pictures on their website was just so-so until I stepped into the pkace

It located at the nicknamed "Millionaire Row" as most of the Chinese millionaires of the pioneering period lived on this street. The street was very narrow and felt so ancient.I wondered how the pioneering people lived their lives,maybe it was much better than what I'm having currently.

The lobby was filled with all sort of antique looking stuffs. If it wasn't for the short time, I could be standing there admiring them.

There were some unspoken code of rules for staying at the hotel,not just this one but everywhere else. It was said that hotel rooms are quite 'yin' as it were not occupied all the time,so spirits made them their home. You are supposed to knock the door before you open it. Years ago,there was one idiot that told me that no one's inside, no need to knock.

Then you must throw your shoes or slippers at the doorway to let the spirits know that there are human staying in this room.

Must turn on the toilet light during when you are sleeping. You don't wanna hear someone having shower in the middle of the night. Spooky huh?

I'm having the room all to myself. Let the 3 of them share a room. I just don't like to share. Privacy is very important to me.

Brought hair mask along for some pampering...

Heard enough of hotel thieves and murders in the newspapers. Once my friend's MacBook and Iphone were stolen during when he was sleeping.So I put the chair blocking the door and this tray with cups and everything on the floor next to the window. If someone climbs in,he'll step on those.

What a lovely surprise when I opened the window (Thought it was the back lane).A beautiful garden view.Here's the day and night view.

I was tossing around the bed with all those lights one until I gave up switch them off and slept until 11 am the next morning...

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