Thursday, August 18, 2011

Am I A Lesbian?

Some dilusional bimbo I knew (thick skinned one) told me that her boyfriend was worried if I wanted to pursue her. Come on, it's your boyfriend who said that or it were you? This is so ridiculous ,not because for liking a girl but of all the beautiful women in this world, she thought I would like her?


I wonder what her parents feed her, making her believe that every man and woman will fall for her. This is the biggest joke that ever befall on me. This bimbo was so full of herself! What really made her thought that I would fall for her? Must be something wrong with her. Bullshit! You can put me under the guillotine but I will never bulge from my stance.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of liking a woman because I really do like beautiful girls like Angelina Jolie and Michelle Reis. Sandra Bullock is appealing to me too, she got the personality. Men and women appeal to me in different perspective except for that bimbo , not a single cell in her that appeals to me.

I admit I am discriminating against that thick skinned bimbo.

I have a many friends that are gay. I prefer to hang out with them. They aren't like some delusional guys and gals who are so full of themselves. Guys might forced themselves on you and gals might worried that you'll jump on them. With gay friends, we could talk about anything under the sky and we could be really close friends. The respect me for who I am and I do respect their courage too. They are often the most misunderstood individuals in our society. I really hate people who discriminate them and labeled them as dirty. The very same people who wanted freedom for themselves and yet they tried to take away the freedom from the gays, the freedom to be who they are. There's no human rights for these gays. Sometimes I really feel like slapping these idiots for being so shallow. What I want to tell the gay haters out there, just get a gun and shoot yourself in the head if you really loathe the gays. That way you will never need to see them again!

It doesn't really matter if I'm a bisexual or not, I wouldn't admit or deny it. The most important thing is that bimbo will never stand a chance and will never be my object of affection. I don't like retarded bimbo.


  1. Very confusing but you are the best person to figure it out.

  2. Hahaha only a bimbo would say something like that! unfortunately there are way too many of them floating about in society. Sad,sad, sad.

  3. Whether I'm gay or not,that's not a problem. Everyone has the freedom to choose their orientation. The problem is, I never encounter bimbo like that


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