Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back To My Root

The chinese root in me...raised as a Chinese

Antiques. How many individuals had touched them? Wished I knew the stories that come along with them..

Skeleton in the closet?

My highlights gave the illusion of bald spot.Scared the merde out of me.I kept checking in the mirror afterwards.

I was told that these coins will bring luck and prosperity..

We will never come across anyone wearing this again except as a costume.Who was the person who wore this?

The Nyonya root in me..bleeding the Nyonya blood that no one can deny (I know someone out there that wanted to do so)

Again,no camera allowed inside. These were the best I could managed.

The house is owned by a very wealthy family that opened up their house as a museum.

The paper lantern displayed the identity of the family.

We were guided by a not so friendly-to-us-coz-we-are-locals guide named Sabrina.You can't miss her. She was the one with 2 huge armpit sweat stains(I smelled sweat, blek!))Walked through the courtyard,the rooms, the staircase. It was an indescribable feeling going through those part of the house.I love the courtyard,in future no matter how small my house will be,I want to have a courtyard just like that.

Property tax was based on the width of the building’s street-frontage during Dutch era that is why these houses are narrow.

Every piece of furniture were painstakingly made and they are so beautiful.This place made me wanna go back in time.Wish I was born 100 years earlier...

Look at the door panel,it is a work of art

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  1. How could anyone deny your heritage?That person must be insane


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