Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Maid

Some people is simply impossible.They expected to paid big bucks but they were contributing half arsed work.What kind of attitute is this?

They accepted it when you allocate jobs to them but the next minute,it's as if you never give them any job at the first time.WTF!They'll forget about this and that.That's what they do best.They never pay attention to what you said and made so much mistakes even simple things.They are dumb or what?I don't think they are dumb at all. They worked so little and they took so much.Very demanding huh?

When you are around, they'll pretending to look hardworking.They really treated you like an idiot.What were they doing when you are not around until they still have to do it when you are around!When you told them off,they'll throw tantrums and show dissatisfaction to show.

Another thing is they always thought they can boss their juniors around.Wow!They really forgot who paid them.Plus they are damn rude as well.Don't they know what is being R-E-S-P-E-C-T-F-U-L?Only barbarians do these kind of things.

Never bite the hands that feed you.Be respectful and admit you are wrong okay?Don't be a free loader...

Sigh...wonder if I say too much here.I don't want them to poison our food or break another thing or even stab us to death at night.I read too much of maids horror stories lately.


  1. Employees are also the same.I believe its a nightmare for every employer out there

  2. My friend is also having the same problem with her staffs at her salon.sometimes she felt like strangling them

  3. Mrs Chan and Chee Hui,I understand what you mean.


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