Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Sausage That Resemblance A Penis

The famous Satay Celup in Lorong Bukit Cina.The place was so packed.Had to wait for a while.Learned about this place from a Singaporean Tv show.Look at the wall.

This was what we picked from the open fridge. Didn't finish them though.Notice that I circled one of the food item. Surprise coming up afterwards.

If I'm not mistaken,this is the boss.Didn't capture his face. I don't really know what's happening as he kept scooping the powder mix/spices whatever into the pot. What I observed was 2 scoops at other tables. Ours ,more than 6 scoops. Maybe that's how it affected the taste. Too heavy for my liking. Tasted like burnt gravy.

Maybe it was also the enviroment that affected the whole thing. There was heavy techno music pounding next door. Made my head spinning. Then it was so blurdie hot and the sticks was covered with the gravy. My fingers were covered with all the stuff.

Now, for the surprise. Remembered that I circled the sausage?When it was cooked and covered with the gravy ,it looked like a penis. My brain registered it too late,it was working slower than my mouth. IDK why I shrieked after I took a bite. That really put me off.I was staring at it afterwards for quite some time until the girls convinced me that it was just a sausage. Forgot to take a picture of it for memory keepsake.

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