Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wonderful Ramen

Yippe!! Tokyo Street in Kuala Lumpur! No more running around to cure my cravings for Japanese food and buying Japanese household items. It's a different ambience on this street. Never been to Japan, so I'm not sure how does it feels like but at least this is something new.

There were a few restaurant here. Spoilt for choice. I have no idea where to start, this is out of my plan. I thought I want to grab some Italian baked rice, that's all. I was wondering up and down until I decided to go into Hokkaido Ramen Santouka just because of the lovely display they were having.

The place serves 3 varieties of ramen soup which consists of shio (salt), miso (bean paste) and shoyu (soy sauce). I ordered a Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen. Given the choice of shio and shoyu soup, I would choose the former anytime. Tokusen Shio Ramen is their signature ramen. Toroniku Cha-Shu is simmered piggie face (pork cheek meat that is). Pork cheek meat is very rare and only 200-300g can be taken from each pig. It has a very rich flavour and it is tender like fatty tuna.

I learned that Ramen Santouka was founded by Hatanaka. He wanted to develop a classic ramen for all to enjoy, made with a simple soup that could be savored to the last, spoonful and topped with a fabulous Char-siu pork, in essence, a masterfully assembled ramen whose superior ingredients and magnificent, robust flavor would truly stand out and long-lasting. Even with many shops located throughout Japan and in select international cities, the fundamentals of RAMEN SANTOUKA remain to this day unchanged.

My ramen arrived with the toppings served separately. Pickled plum is their signature topping . It has a sour taste and light crunchy texture but only one is not enough for me!

3mm strips of Kikurage add a bit of texture to the soup.I love my bamboo shoots in Chinese and Korean food. They even made their presence in Japanese food! It has a light crunchy texture.

The mild, pearl-colored Tonkotsu soup,took about 20 hours to simmered with pork bones before adding in the vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients.

I finished the entire bowl of ramen, it blended well with the soup and chewy just the way I like them (I just can't stand soggy noodles).

Well, it wasn't planned but it's definitely a pleasant meal. Can't wait to come again but only after I try out the En Giza Cafe next door psk*psk* I heard they serves Hello Kitty latte there!

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