Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Birthday Treat but Not My Birthday!

Finally, we set a date to have birthday dinner for my friend. It was supposed to be in July but I have totally no time to spare.

He chosen Edo-Ichi to redeem his meal. Went there straight after I got off from work. Reached early and had a chit chat with Ida coz the fella still haven't reach.

By the time he reached , I already read the menu from front to back and back to the front to kill time. After all I was the one who supposed to do the ordering.

I like this ,the scallop is juicy and fresh. There's some mentai in it as well. By the way, I made a great discovery recently. I found out that I know how to hold chopstick with my left hand after my 30 years of existence! Isn't it wonderful? I'm a leftie but IDK why I used to hold chopstick with right hand before this. I couldn't even eat properly back then. Always had to use fork like small kids....retarded.

Mentai Yaki Soba, not in the menu. Specially order from the open kitchen. A recommendation by Ida. RM30 for a portion a bit expensive but I love it. I even had a second order for my parents at home. With some dancing flakes. What they called huh? Can't recall, my mind is only filled with utilities bills amount, monthly insurance premium and not forgetting the dogs expenses. Let me check......Hmmmm....Aahhaa! Got it, it was bonito flakes!

Soft Shell Crab Karaage. Don't really fancy this after I saw how they cut off the legs to make the crabs shed the hard shell sooner. The birthday boy ordered this.

This is also one of my favourite. Salmon flakes and fried skin salad. Must have this everytime I come else I'll get insomia. If diet's salad taste this good, I can be forever on diet without any other food craving.

Salmon and avocado roll. A very good combination. I only had one piece though as I had to restrict my carbs intake. I spend too much on food like this and I had no more money spared for buying bigger size wardrobe. Going on diet can save more money even if carbs food item is much cheaper than the protein food item and I also don't want to be a fatso. A friend said if one day I became a fatso, it's my karma. I hope that day never comes.

Australian Beef . They grilled it for us. At least I don't get those grilling smell stuck on me. Medium rare, the beef was very tender and juicy. Dipped into the IDK what is it and then into the sesame sauce and put into your mouth. NomNom...

Faster click the camera! I can't wait to have the mochi. Served with grounded peanuts. Chewy and nutty.My bread face will grow another 100mm after finishing this. Hmm..peanut butter sandwich anyone?

Table with a nice view

When the bill came it was RM230.20. Quite reasonable, acceptable whatever because my friend's bill for my birthday dinner was RM700 ++ for 2 of us. So I still got nothing to lose. Hehe. Time to figure out what I want to have for my 31st birthday

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