Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bitten by The Annoying Pink Bug

Few years ago, I was in a pink phased. Practically,almost everything I had was pink. Hello Kitty and My Melody was exceptional as that's their color. I had pink tumbler, car decorated in pink, pink phone case, pink socks, pink Adidas sneakers, pink Gucci purse, pink Prada bag , pink toilet , pink camera....the list could go on. It went to the stage where everyone around me was annoyed with me. My Dad even joked about the pink curtain in the ward room during when I was hospitalised. Never liked pink when I was a kid, too girlish for me until I was bitten by the pink bug.

Now that my pink phase is over, too much pink is making me feeling nauseating. In fact it is so sickening. I wasted so much money buying those pink stuff and now I'm living in regret. Some I threw away and some got stucked with me because they were so expensive. The bag and the camera. I feel so embarrassed to take it out whenever I need to take pictures somemore nobody wants to buy that stupid bag.

Yesterday, a guy from Hokkaido Ramen ask if mine is a DSLR camera and his expression was like so excited. He thought I'm going to take nice pictures of his shop with a DSLR camera. I had to admit sheepishly that mine was just a pariah camera and I took out my dumb pink camera and started taking pictures for my blog. So embarassed. Most of the time I feel reluctant to use it in the presence of those with DSLR camera around. I really hate my retarded camera now.

From now on, I will save all the incomes from blogging for my new camera fund. Hopefully I could at least buy the Olympus PEN E-PL1 because it's white!

Meanwhile I really have no idea what to do with the bag....

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