Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bird Nest Information Centre

No camera allowed in this place but I managed to sneaked a few..Hehe..
It was a guided short tour.They showed us the swiftlet house and let us smell swiftlet sh*t. Amost puked. Then this idiot guide asked if we ever had bird nest before.Don't know if he's really that dumb or he said it on purpose.Pauvre naze...we don't come out from the jungle la.

Picking swiftlets feathers. I hate this process,took me hours and so boring. I wondered what's in that lady's mind as she sat there picking feather the entire day. Will she dreamt of feathers at night when she sleeps?

Baby Elise's favourite!

The guide told us that we were not supposed to boil bird nest for hours.Just 15 minutes will do.

End of tour,at the rooftop.

They gave us some lousy chocolate drinks to sample afterwards.Huh? Chocolate and bird nests related?Then this Pauvre naze guide kept telling us they were free of charge as if we got no money.Feel like pushing him down from the rooftop as a way of saying thanks for showing us around.

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