Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chendol Maniac

One of the girls mentioned Famous Beef Noodle near a roundabout. What?!A roundabout?! Thank God we have Foursquare. Else we have to go to every roundabout they had in Malacca and by the time we found it,they'll closed already.TAngkak Beef Noodles that is:

A steaming hot bowl of beef noodle

The soup was very nice.The chilli sauce was even nicer.I'm already missing it the moment I'm blogging this. Better than those in Kuala Lumpur.Food here loses its original flavor after a while. IDK why...

My first chendol of the day at Tan Kim Hock for shopping...I can shop anywhere.Both of us wanted to have the durian chendol so badly.But one of the girls kindly advice us that it wasn't really good.I don't care ,I just want to have it!(Another is everyone has different tastebuds,food that tasted like shit could be delicious to them)The verdict:The taste was so-so,maybe due to the processed durian. The rest was fine with me.

The historical tree

Having 2nd serving chendol of the day(Had 3 that day) Baba Chendol at 88 Cafe.

My face looked like water soaked bread. This is what you get for eating so much, BREAD FACE!

Picture of the day:
I learned it from detective TV show. Pretended to take picture of the girls and zoomed into him!

It seems that this guy was wearing an underwear as outerwear.

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