Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Animals Giving Me The Fright

Saw a kitten in the middle of the busy road. I just stumped on the brake and froze in the car. I couldn't think properly. Luckily there's a good Samaritan stopped his car and ran out to the busy road and saved the kitten. Phew...

Today I almost ran over this thing that I thought was just some dried leaf in the middle of the road. By the time I realized the thing wasn't what I thought it was, it was already too late. Too late to step on the brake pedal. It was a squirrel! Oh my God, I think I just squashed a squirrel with my car. I'm a murderess! I stopped and looked into the rear view mirror. Thank God it was safe. It was jumping away happily. I bet it didn't even know that it just had a brush with Death.

For the duration of less than one week, my heart almost stopped beating no thanks to all these small fellas. I hope I can do something about it. I stopped in the middle of the highway and screamed once because there was a dead dog there and I didn't want to run my over it. Poor dog and poor me, I almost had an accident!

The only thing that could make me feel better about these small animals is the thought of Rainbow Bridge where they can go after they died. Whatever disease ,injuries or trauma that they suffered will be healed. But will it apply for the squirrel that I almost killed?


  1. I have had the same experience before, this poor little dog was right in the center of a busy road, looking lost.

    Thank god nobody ran over it and I could not come down my car to guide him away as the traffic was really bad and raining at the same time.

  2. Seeing dead animals on the road is really painful for me let alone watching how they die


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