Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good Ol' Pan Mee In Salak South

Everyone in our family has been going to this stall for Pan Mee for many years. The soup doesn't make your feel thirsty and the noodles are very chewy just the way we like it. Plus the chilli condiment is thick and flavourful, dried shrimps I guess. Not those that they roll until it become too thin and some watered down chilli water not sauce.

Imagine my dissapointment when I couldn't find the stall last week. Luckily I found her shifted to the coffee shop next door. Rumours has it, the former coffee shop tried to evacuate this auntie to make way for their own relative. Too bad for them, the Pan Mee they made have everything that I loathed for.

This is what you called Pan Mee:

Make sure you go to the right place. It's the corner coffee shop.

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