Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's next?

Dogs in oversea have much better lives than their counterpart here. They can stay with their owners anywhere including HDB flats. Owners can bring their dogs to night market and go for rides as well.

How about dogs in Malaysia? When the rules says no pets allowed, it means only dogs are not allowed. Cats are allowed. Some idiot's definition of no pets allowed. Cats are not consider pets? Only idiots practise double standard like that.

Look, a lot of stupid cats that jumped over to our house making lots of mess here. Why don't the owners get fined? Or why no one ever come and shoot them like what they did to those poor stray dogs?

Even worse, I saw this on Facebook. Some people is hell bound in making things miserable for the dogs owners here? We can't even bring our dogs out for ride in the privacy of our own car? Have to cage them inside the car? Imagine some Ferrari with some dog in the dog cage in it.

Poor Baby Chantelle Elise, I'm really sorry that I'm not that loaded and we are stuck in some stupid place where dogs don't have any rights or freedom. No more car rides for you.

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