Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Bitch List

Amnesia bitch-Always talking about the one and only time that she achieved something. Will conveniently forgot about her all time poor performance.

When you scored A in your exam once doesn't mean anything when your failed every other exam.Don't you dare to think that you deserve anything in life without having to work hard for it.

Cheapskate bitch-Will try whatever tricks in her to avoid paying or paying less than her share of meal.

I don't think anyone else in this world is responsible for your meal except for yourself unless you are crippled. Even beggars had to beg for food.

Fashion critic bitch-Criticized what others wear and had.Then proceed to buy the exact same item that she just criticized.

Since you want to copy what others wear why do you said such things at the first place? Unless you have excellent taste in fashion, I think you should shut up. At least no one else let those ugly,stained and old bra straps pepping out from their top like you do.

Innocent bitch- Aways gives you the big eyed innocent look while she's hatching some wicked plans.

My sympathy to your future husband and in laws. He doesn't really who he's sleeping with. Your in laws? Someone overheard you mentioned about putting some curse or spell on your future mother in law.

Materialistic bitch-She assume everyone has ulterior motive when they do something.

I wonder if she charges her boyfriend for sleeping with him? By the way, I don't really like to have dinner with you because you are related to that Cheapskate bitch.

Observant bitch-Observes the price or value of others belongings. Even going through their lunchbox and pantry when she thought no one's looking.

So if you want to eat some expensive cheese or ramen, go buy them with your own money. No one owe you anything.

Promoter bitch-Badmouth everyone else to make herself look good.

You don't have to really announce to the world that you are so good if you really are. I don't think really smart people do that. Everyone know your tricks.

Scrutinizer bitch- Scrutinise hard what others had. No one else deserve better things in life that her.

Why would you even want to know so much about someone you said is no better than you? Others worked hard to achieve what they had, they didn't and never steal from you. Jealous!

Twist and turn bitch-Love to take words out of context then fabricated it into something totally different.

Don't you know that the world is a very small place. We can compare notes you know?

The list never ends....

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