Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Health Conscious Am I?

Most of the people I know thinks I'm a very health conscious person. I just have no idea what make them think that way. Well,it's the biggest fallacy ever known of me.

I do workout, once in many many many blue moon. I run err...walked on the treadmill with the air-con on full blast. Being able to surpassed 19 minutes on it is my biggest accomplishment to date.

And these the sinful food that I've indulged myself on:

Rice with pork lard gravy. You must be nuts for not eating this

Four Treasure Rice which includes salted egg and some fattening roast meat

Snacking on cheese pretzel at work

A complete meal never ends without the dessert

Macarons for my sweet tooth

Fried food with all those wonderful dips

Molten Chocolate after some heavy meal at Chilli's

By the way, I just have some wonderful Bak Kut Teh at 9pm. Do that clarify anything for anyone?

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